Are you also getting crazy excited when the sun is out and the temperature is rising? You run to the store to get all the good stuff and prep the barbecue! Although, what should you getNo inspiration? Let our chef René help you. He has got some good tips to bring these hot evenings to a higher level! 


A good piece of lamb 

René’s suggestion is definitely lamb neck fillet. But, make sure to start ahead. Lamb is not cheap, so invest some time to prep aswell. Start 24 hours in advance. Chop the following ingredients in a food processorhalf a bunch of parsley, a bay leaf, sage, thyme, one clove garlic, a shallot, a table spoon mustard and 1 dl sunflower oil. Marinate the fillet in this for 24 hours. Slice the fillet in pieces and grill on the barbecue until medium rare.  


From the ocean 

This is the best time for shellfish, so enjoy it now! Make sure you carefully wash them first. Make a little package from aluminum foil. Put in the shellfish, some fresh herbs, herb butter, some white wine (pour a glass for yourself at the same time), salt and pepper.  Possible addition: slice some raw peeled asparagus and add to this to the package.  

It’s the breeding season for flat fish, so don’t go for these ones. But sardines will always taste good on the barbecue. Ideally fresh, but if you happen to take them from the freezer, make sure you defrost them well. Scale the fish and make dry with paper, so It doesn’t stick to the grill. Just season with pepper and salt. Serve it with gremolata and you will never want anything else from the barbecue again!  


Green all the way 

We mostly think of meat when talking about the barbecue. But we all know that these days; no meat is cool too. A vega(n) dish, even from the barbecue can be super satisfying! So René likes to give it as much love, and time, as a meaty dish gets.  This eggplant recipe takes up to 24 hours, so start in time. Slice the eggplant in four equal pieces. Brush them with olive oil and salt. Put in the oven until al dente.  

Make a mixture of the following ingredients: tablespoons of soya yogurt, 1,5 tablespoon of tandoori herbs, a smashed garlic clove, half a red peper in rings, a handful of shopped coriander leaves and a shopped shallot. Put the warm eggplant in this mix and set apart in the fridge for 24 hours. Skewer the aubergine. Make sure the barbecue is really hot and grill the skewers nice and brown.  

Another good option to make veggie skewers with is red pepper and tempeh or go for haloumi in case you don’t need it to be vegan.  


Hopefully you are totally inspired! We would love to see your barbecue creations. Tag us on Instagram, use #vanThuisvoorThuis and enjoy the sun! 

René Bekker, chef restaurant EAST


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