Art expo – Hans van Beukering

Exposition “Looking for Paradise” 

Paintings by Hans van Beukering 
July 30 – August 12 between 10.00 – 18.00 

Come by at the opening of this two-week exhibition on Friday 29 July at 17.00. After a short speech, there is a festive drink and the first opportunity to view his paintings.   

Meet the paintings from Hans van Beukering. Explore his series with portraits of gay men, landscapes, and abstract paintings which he painted during the last two Covid years. The paintings are made of acrylic, oil paint and charcoal. His art is recognizable by an expressive and colorful character.  

About “Looking for Paradise” 

Often you’ll see (gay)men as the main topic in his work. Men who are striving to find their luck, challenges and essence of life. 

His inspiration is found in pictures on Instagram and several dating sites. In the past Hans painted those men before, however now you’ll find them alone in the overwhelming beauty of nature. They traveled the world to get connected with a paradise world, our earth and the cosmos. 

Now they go back to their origin and nature to find themselves. Hans: ‘I captured their beauty, masculinity, softness, power, intimacy, and desires’.  

Read more about the exhibit in our interview with Hans


It’s a tradition to exhibit his paintings during the Amsterdam Gay Pride. When interested in buying art from this exhibition or when like to be guided through his art by Hans himself, please get in touch with Hans via: 

Hans van Beukering  

+31 6 17 47 32 39 


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