Big Little Friday ADE Special – Amsterdam Mule


– an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients. Can improve dance moves.

Amsterdam Dance Event has entered the city! Let’s celebrate music, amazing artists while sipping a tasty cocktail.

We like to cheers to the weekend on Thursday’s already! That’s why we spotlight one cocktail every Thursday for only € 5 on these Little Friday nights!

On Thursday October 20 it’s up to the Amsterdam Mule.

About the Amsterdam Mule: 

In a bar in Manhattan in 1941, two gentlemen joined forces: two dashes of vodka with four dashes of ginger beer, Bitter Drops, and to top it off a squeeze and a wedge of lime. 

And because we’re preparing this cocktail with Sir Dam Vodka from Amsterdam; you’re drinking an Amsterdam Mule at our Little Friday ADE Special!

‘Mule’ is not the reference to a donkey by the way, but an old-fashioned term for mixed drinks with ginger, something citrus and a spirit… Hmmm!



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Reserve today and receive €10 discount on your stay

*Not in combination with other offers


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