Making the Boy/Girl band (24H Oost)

Did you have posters from the Spice Girls above your bed, a Britney diary or did you know the lyrics of your favorite Backstreet Boys album backwards? Do you also feel like a choirgasm; this is what you get from polyphonic singing! During “Making the Boy/Girl Band” we show that age is not important to be young!

For once the men from Popup Choir form a boy/girl band with everyone who has never made it to the big stage (or actually did). Whether you are an experienced singer, only sing in the pub or practice your singing skills in the shower, you are always welcome at Popup Choir. With all the other singers you will be prepared within one and a half hour to sing polyphonic!

As a three-part choir, we follow in the footsteps of perhaps one of your big childhood idols during 24H Oost 2019. For young nightingales, but certainly also for older songbirds! One thing is certain, if you have experienced the 90s, then you should definitely know this song! The perfect kick-off for an evening full of music at Casa!

Stage fright or are you coming later? We have a lot of musicality on the program at restaurant EAST! Because after this performance it’s time for Amazing Dinner. And that is, yes, a sing-along dinner with hits from the 90’s! So if you are a star in karaoke, and you have no problem putting yourself tot the test, then this is the start of an unforgettable evening!

Participation in both activities is free! But make sure you are on time, because full is full! Popup Choir will open the guitar case afterwards for a voluntary donation.


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Reserve today and receive €10 discount on your stay

*Not in combination with other offers


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