Thrilled to rebuild

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Welcome to the renovation page of Casa! Great that you’re here, because we are thrilled to involve you in our big renovation plans. On this page you will find why we are renovating, when we will be renovating, impressions of Casa after the renovation and a weekly update of the current renovation status.


Follow the current rebuilding status:



We are going to rebuild!

It is time to change things up a bit! We are thrilled to announce that we are rebuilding from the 10th of December until the end of February. Stay tuned!



Let's go!!!

10 December is going to be the big day! We officially start rebuilding on this day.



Pop Stop Eat

After days of dedicated work, we are super proud to present to you; our pop-up hotel lobby, coffee bar and restaurant.

Read the blog!



It's happening!

Every transformation needs a before photo, here is the one from our lobby!

Why & When?

Why are we rebuilding?
Casa loves to improve and develop. We are building the coziest living room of Amsterdam East where we will welcome anyone. This living room is for the stubborn student, the curious tourist, the flashy businessman and brings them together. This makes it the ideal place to share your knowledge, chat around or just be. The ground floor, where you will find our lobby and restaurant (East), will be completely renovated. Also, the whole first floor is getting a facelift. This means that the break-out areas and the meeting rooms get a new appearance as well.

When are we going to rebuild?
The lobby, our restaurant East and the meeting rooms will be redesigned from the 10th of December until the end of February. We will make use of pop-ups for the reception and the restaurant, so the hotel stays open during the renovation. Our construction workers work during office hours, so it won’t influence the goodnight sleep of our guests.

More info

Questions & more info

Do you have questions about the renovation?
Please feel free to send us an email here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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