Humans of Casa - rianne

A hotel is a place an unique mix of people come together. We are very excited to share the stories that guests, colleagues and students bring with them.
This edition we share the story of our student Rianne!
Rianne kleiner formaat

Rianne is a fitness instructor at several gyms in Amsterdam. Here she’s teaching young and old body pump classes up to four times a week! Rianne is part of Les Mills, a group of like-minded sporty people, who trained her to become a gym instructor. This group goes to events together, sport together and party together. In the far future, Rianne would like to participate in a fitness competition.


Nutrition and dietetics

Next to her job, Rianne is studying nutrition and dietetics. Here she learns all about food and health conditions. In the future she would like to be a dietician who helps out people with eating disorders.



In the free time she has, she’s driving her very own motorbike! Together with her dad she drove through France on the tourist roads, to see nature from close by.


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