’t Afzakkertje

’t Afzakkertje (the very last drink)

Our beautiful Mokum. We are lucky to have such great views on the city from our rooftop GAPP. Now that the days are getting colder again, it is time to slowly say goodbye to our roof terrace. But don’t you worry! We’ll be back next year. Together, on Friday 7 October, we will drink our last pint on GAPP of 2022 and celebrate Amsterdam in all its glory.

What can you expect?

An evening in Mokum style. That means we are bringing the typical Amsterdam bar to the roof. Wood, red velvet, cubes of cheese and ‘sjoelbakken’ everywhere. On 7 October, you will experience the classic ways of Amsterdam. We go to the ‘gallemiezen’ one more time, in ‘de lorem’, until ‘het gaatje’.

What does such a Mokum night look like?

  • Tasty specialty beer deals for a few quid.
  • GAPPIE blonde beer from De Eeuwige Jeugd 1+1 for free
  • 6 specialty beers of choice for € 25,-
  • 6 specialty beers of the Jopen brewery for € 20,-
  • A kopstootje on the menu, of course!
  • A real Amsterdam snack platter (if you know it, you know it)
  • ‘Smartlappen’ by Barry Black & The Blackberries
  • Games of ‘sjoelen’ (shuffleboard) and darts 
  • Take a picture of yourself and your homies
  • Music from Mokum (Johnny Jordaan, André Hazes, Ramses Shaffy and Tante Leen)
  • Going nuts, ‘uit je plaat’, on our rooftop!

Barry Black & The Blackberries

Barry Black from Amsterdam will get every party going with his band The Blackberries. Swinging and singing, all over our rooftop! At ’t Afzakkertje this vibrant band will pull you into true Amsterdam vibes with his ‘gouwe ouwe platen’ (all-time favorites) from the Mokum repertoire. As if you’re drinking a beer in a typical bar in Amsterdam.

And what will it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Are you ‘belatafeld’? This is our gift to you! Together with you, we want to celebrate Amsterdam. The last sip at GAPP – the 2022 edition. Because next year around April, we will be back in business, all ready for the new season. I can give you that on a ‘brieffie’.



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