Meet the Mile: Back to Work

A few great venues that join forces. That is the objective of Meet the Mile! During this walk you will get to know the diversity of places around the Knowledge Mile.

That is what binds us, Knowledge Mile Amsterdam. A dynamic part of diverse Amsterdam, where we shape the city of tomorrow together. A unique hotspot that runs from the Rembrandt Tower to the Rembrandt House, with its own dynamics and energy. 60,000 students. 30,000 residents. Businesses. Colleagues. Neighbors.

During Meet the Mile: Back to Work, taste and experience 7 cool venues that can’t wait to see you again. After (or during) a period of a lot of working from home, it is nice to be able to welcome everyone again. Completely 2020-proof!

Plenty of food and drink, nice atmosphere. But there’s more! If you manage to visit all the places during this edition, then you have a chance to win something. Curious to know what? Click on the button to find out, attend the event and get your ticket while they last. All you have to do is choose a starting location and of course to gather your colleagues, friends and neighbors.

See you on 10 September!


Rooftop GAPP Amsterdam East

ROEF Expeditie

Kom je ook langs GAPP tijdens de ROEF Expeditie 2022? Wij zijn 1 van de 6 rooftops die je ontdekt in Amsterdam Centrum en Oost.

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