A home for hotel guests, students and locals for over 60 years.


stay at casa

If walls could talk, the rooms at Casa would have a few stories to tell.


Clean and comfortable room. Really good breakfast and the staff were outstanding! It’s a rather large place, but the friendly staff create a good atmosphere. We enjoyed our stay!

By Thorsten,

October 2020

Very clean and new hotel, with a lot to offer like a rooftopbar nice breakfast and more. We walked only 5 min to the train station and it took only one train to the city center. The hotel itself is very new and modern, we loved that. We will be back soon.

By Ari,

September 2020

I am a regular at this hotel, and last Saturday I was amazed that the reception new my name, and had arranged a room to my liking. Than at my room was a long hand written note welcoming me. Never ever before in my life, even though I am an very high frequent traveller, have I felt so welcome and recognized.

By Peter,

September 2020


Welcome To Our New East!

Sit back and enjoy specialty coffee, nice breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Gapp is our rooftop beergarden, located high above the burstling city.


cycle through East Amsterdam

Cycle route East Amsterdam

The grass is not always greener on the other side! Explore the direct area around Casa: head to Artis to see elephants and penguins, lie down with a book in Oosterpark or Frankendael Park, or picknick along the Ringdijk waters.

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Amsterdam South-East Cycle Route

Discover Amsterdam’s most multicultural neighbourhood: play some foot near Ajax’s stadium, try some Afro-Surinamese food and sweets in a local deli, or enjoy nature’s magic along the beaks of the Hoge Dijk.

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foto 2 lauren

Amsterdam Centre Cycle Route

Go for a walk or cycle to Jordaan and see the Amsterdam that you’ve always imagined: cute canalside houses along quiet courtyards. Head for a lunch at one of the wonderful coffee houses or pastry shops. ​

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