Amsterdam is a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife and lively club scene. If you’re looking for the top clubs in Amsterdam to have a fantastic night out, you’ve come to the right place. We compiled a list of both new clubs as well as well-established venues. Here’s a list of the 10 best clubs in Amsterdam:


Amsterdam's Top Nightclub & Cultural Powerhouse

De School is more than a nightclub; it’s a cultural powerhouse. Housed in a former school building, it offers a restaurant, café, gallery, gym, and a globally acclaimed nightclub. Ranked 39th by DJ Magazine, De School is a cultural must-see. When the sun goes down, the nightlife at De School comes alive, offering unforgettable experiences Amsterdam-West. It’s the last months that De School is open, so take your chance while this place is still open.

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Best Clubs Amsterdam Hotel Casa


Midnight Magic in Vintage Car Garage

Garage Noord has breathed new life into an old car repair shop, evolving it into a dynamic fusion of a restaurant and a thrilling night club. Start your evening with a delectable dinner from 17:00 onwards, and as the night unfolds, Garage Noord undergoes a mesmerizing metamorphosis into a club where the progressive spirit thrives. Their mission? To be a club for everyone, a place where all are welcome to embrace the night and create lasting memories. 

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Immerse Yourself: 36 Speakers, Endless Sonic Bliss

The Other Side is an Amsterdam-based music label, agency, and stage that empowers individuals to embrace their true selves. They’re on a mission to help people find their natural rhythm and break free from the artificial cadences of modern life. Located in Houthavens, they’ve enhanced the sound experience with 36 strategically placed speakers, ensuring an exceptional audio journey.

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Vintage Vibes: Partying in an Age-Old School Structure.

Amsterdam’s nightlife just got bigger and better with Het Sieraad. Set in an impressive, age-old school building at Postjesweg 1, De Baarsjes, this venue has been a sporadic party host for years. Now, it’s filling the void left by the closure of De Marktkantine as a major club, with a capacity for around 1100 party enthusiasts. Every weekend, you’ll find renowned house and techno acts turning the beats up, making it a must-visit club within strolling distance of Amsterdam’s center. Get ready for unforgettable club nights at Het Sieraad.

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Best Clubs Amsterdam Hotel Casa


Industrial Oasis in Nieuw-West with 24-hour license.

RADION stands as an industrial oasis in Nieuw-West. This unassuming gem boasts a relentless sound system and intimate ‘mini parties’ that ignite within the underground smoking room. What truly sets RADION apart is its 24-hour license, enabling an unbroken dance experience that leaves clubbers drenched in the euphoria of pulsating techno. Formerly the ACTA dentistry center, it has transformed into a dynamic cultural hub. Dive into endless dance experiences and refresh with ice lollies when the techno’s on fire.

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Cultural Haven Within a Converted Warehouse

Lofi, located at Basisweg 63 in the heart of Havenstad, Amsterdam, is a versatile cultural haven within a converted warehouse. It’s been a vibrant platform for music, dining, and art since 2019, attracting a community of artists, musicians, and culture enthusiasts. With a bustling weekly program running from Thursday through Sunday, each visit becomes a personalized adventure, blending dance, culinary delights, and endless exploration in this ever-evolving narrative.

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Best Clubs Amsterdam Hotel Casa


Berlin’s Bold Beats in Amsterdam

Shelter, with its brutalist vibe, feels like a piece of Berlin transplanted into Amsterdam’s core. Nestled in A’dam Toren’s basement, just a ferry ride from Centraal, this club is not for the faint of heart. With a 24-hour license, an all-black interior, and a bass-heavy sound system that’s almost physically palpable, it’s a haven for the true enthusiasts. Shelter offers a powerful and diverse musical program, distinguished by its meticulous sound design and interior aesthetics.

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Best Clubs Amsterdam Hotel Casa


Celebrate Diversity in Amsterdam’s Heart

Nyx, named after the Greek goddess of the night and daughter of Chaos, is a vibrant and welcoming venue in the heart of Amsterdam. Housed in a four-story former carriage house, it’s a colorful world of surprises and fun. Nyx’s open-minded ethos creates a warm melting pot for all, regardless of orientation. With its focus on great music, entertainment, and a diverse crowd, Nyx epitomizes the lively spirit of Amsterdam, offering a memorable and inclusive nightlife experience.

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Raymond van Mil_Best Clubs in Amsterdam_ClubNyx

Picture by Raymond van Mil


Where Clubbing is Safe, Sustainable, and Unforgettable.

At Bret, a vibrant and welcoming club experience is crafted through diverse music, sustainability initiatives, and the spotlight on local talent. The venue places a strong emphasis on guest safety and comfort, providing quality service at every turn. Their dedicated staff is readily available to assist guests with any questions or requests, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable visit.

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Best Clubs Amsterdam Hotel Casa


Where Music Creates Community

Toekomstmuziek is more than just a club; it’s a vibrant community and a movement centered around the love of music. They believe that in a world increasingly focused on business, they can create a safe, inclusive space where music lovers, musicians, DJs, and visitors come together. Their mission is to foster openness, vulnerability, and collaboration, making the independent music industry more sustainable and accessible to all. Everyone is part of this journey, and together, they can make a positive impact through the power of music.

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