As the new year unfolds, take a moment to prioritize self-care and embrace the warmth of a great wellness. Explore our handpicked selection of the five best spas in Amsterdam amidst de vibrancy of the city. From hotel to spa, they’re all within reach of Hotel Casa.

1. Renessence Amsterdam

Discover Renessence Amsterdam, a gem in our selection of spas. Unlike a typical spa experience, Renessence positions itself as a centre for overall well-being. With different types of treatments for all forms of relaxation, stress relief, energy and recovery.

Immerse yourself in their world of ice baths, cryotherapy at -60 degrees and oxygen hydroxy therapy. The spa’s unique atmosphere offers a serene break from the chaos of the city, where guests can release stress through unconventional methods like breathing & mindfulness classes. Make this spa a must-visit during your stay and leave feeling refreshed and reconnected.

2. Deco Sauna

For many years now, Deco Sauna is a well-known name in Amsterdam. With 600 m2 of spa and wellness, Sauna Deco offers an oasis of peace and relaxation in their luxurious, atmospheric surroundings. Centrally located on the Herengracht in the middle of Amsterdam, this place is known for its unique decor, inspired by the interior of Le Bon Marché, a 1920s Parisian department store.

3. Zuiver Amsterdam

Discover the unique experience of a ‘pure life’ at Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver. Located near the enchanting Amsterdamse Bos, this spa embodies all aspects of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

With an expansive spa covering a remarkable 13,000 square meters, Zuiver takes you on a relaxing journey. Leave behind the daily stress and embrace a range of wellness facilities, from relaxing saunas to refreshing pools and revitalizing treatment rooms.

4. Away Spa at W Amsterdam

Discover the definition of serenity at AWAY SPA – your urban retreat. Whether you crave deep, flowing relaxation or want to improve your energetic fitness in the gym overlooking the canal, AWAY SPA is the ultimate retreat. Step into a world where the lights are dimmed, energy flows freely and rest becomes an art uniquely yours. It’s time to press refresh and create your own oasis amidst the city bustle. AWAY SPA invites you to unwind and make self-care a necessary and personal art form.

5. Soho House Amsterdam - Cowshed

At Cowshed, the charm of the countryside meets the pace of city life at Soho House. Imagine an old cowshed turned into a spa, a creation of Soho House founder Nick Jones. Soho House has a commitment to creating honest and natural products such as wildcrafted plant extracts and essential oils to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Whether seeking a serene escape or a blissful retreat, let these curated 5 best spas in Amsterdam elevate your city experience, ensuring a harmonious balance between exploration and self-care.



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