Meet Anke! With over 3 years under her belt at Hotel Casa, she’s a seasoned pro. Starting as an intern, Anke swiftly rose to the challenge of being the Manager on Duty, taking charge of the hotel’s day-to-day affairs. She made a seamless transition to the HR department, where she’s been shining for the past year and a half. She for sure knows the ins and outs of the hotel. Let’s get to know her!

Let’s start with a fun dilemma: Having a job interview every day or visiting a job fair every week?

Anke: I think I would go for having a job interview every day. Job fairs are great, but they involve a lot of preparation and travel time. I really enjoy having conversations with people and getting to know new individuals. These moments of interaction are enjoyable as they break the routine of administrative tasks. Moreover, conducting daily interviews would ensure that we continually attract interesting and bright candidates to join CASA!


What do you find important in the society that CASA has committed itself to?

Anke: “I think immediately of JINC. It’s an organization that aims to empower children from underprivileged backgrounds by exposing them to various job roles and career opportunities. At Hotel Casa, we collaborate with JINC by providing job interview training and hosting language courses for them. These initiatives offer insights into different jobs and tasks within the hospitality industry. It’s a mutually beneficial collaboration that adds value by attracting new talent while supporting JINC’s mission.


How does CASA feel when you walk into the lobby through the revolving doors?

Anke: “It’s quite funny because I also ask this question during job interviews. CASA feels like walking into a warm bath. I was welcomed so nicely at my own interview, and the colleagues at the Front Office still do that today. It feels a bit like coming home.”

What’s your favorite spot in the hotel?

Anke: “I’ll go with our GAPP rooftop terrace. There’s always a nice and relaxed atmosphere there. I also associate it with enjoyable gatherings with colleagues to end the day, or when we need to celebrate achievements, it’s such a nice place to come together!”

Anke Hotel Casa


How does your job contribute to guests having a unique experience at Hotel Casa?

Anke: “One of HR’s biggest responsibilities is ensuring that we hire the right colleagues. We are CASA’s filter to see if people align with the hotel’s core values and if they will embody what we want the Hotel Casa to represent. We try to find out if they are unique and bright individuals, and – of course – have a passion for hospitality. 

Thank you for your time Anke!

Anke: “No problem, it’s great that I could participate!”


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