Step into the vibrant world of Hotel Casa with Jeroen, CASA’s General Manager leading the way. With CASA roots tracing back to 2007, Jeroen started his journey in the hotel as Finance Controller. Evolving through the ranks, from Adjunct to Director, he now is our trusted General Manager. Let’s get Away from the Ordinary with Jeroen.

Let’s start with a fun dilemma: For every 100 euros you spend, you do a push-up or you wear shorts to work every day?

Jeroen: “I would definitely choose push-ups, even if there are a lot of them. Going to work in shorts wouldn’t align with who I am. I think my colleagues would find it strange because it doesn’t fit my style,” Jeroen laughs. “Although CASA has a very open-minded culture, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Besides, doing push-ups also helps maintain a good physique.”


What do you find important in society that CASA has committed itself to?

Jeroen: “Well, there are so many things. I immediately think of how we address loneliness among our young students through mentorship programs, events, and other initiatives. I believe in doing good, in contributing to others, and fostering connections. Encouraging colleagues to engage in social causes, like volunteering at the Robert Koch House and JINC, is important to me. Currently, CASA also provides a room in the hotel (together with ROOM FOR CHANGE) for someone experiencing economic homelessness. Building connections and serving others perfectly aligns with CASA.”


How does CASA feel when you walk into the lobby through the revolving doors?

Jeroen: “Our place feels upbeat and welcoming, emitting a positive energy that’s about more than just the decor. It’s the immediate impression— the aroma of coffee, cheerful faces, ample light, and a tidy space. The same energy resonates at Boost, where I’m involved with refugee initiatives. Despite it being an old building, the passion and dynamism of the people at Boost create an invigorating atmosphere as soon as you step in.”


What’s your favorite spot in the hotel?

Jeroen: “Our rooftop GAPP always brings me joy with its magical city view and inviting ambiance. I often make it a point to visit whenever I conduct a round in the hotel. I’m looking forward to April 4th, when the rooftop opens again if the weather allows it.”

General Manager Jeroen Hotel Casa


How does your job contribute to guests having a unique experience at Hotel Casa?

Jeroen: “I aim to ensure that my colleagues can do their job as best as possible by creating a pleasant work environment where they can bring out their best. People are CASA’s greatest asset; they make the difference. As I mentioned, you can have the most beautiful sofas, but if employees don’t connect with guests for example, we wouldn’t radiate the same Bright Vibes as we do now”


Thanks for your insights Jeroen!

Jeroen: “With pleasure.”


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