Karine has been working for Hotel Casa for over 8 years now. She started at Casa as a passionate barista in our specialty coffeebar, but soon the marketing team caught her eye. Currently, she works as a senior marketer, where she guards the hotel’s brand identity with a keen eye and a great dose of creativity.

Let’s start with a fun dilemma: Every graphic design you create contains a minor flaw, or you are forever banned from EAST, our specialty coffee bar?

Karine: “I have a profound love for coffee and initially began as a barista at the specialty coffee bar. I was trained so well that I’m now considered a coffee connaisseur. For instance, you’ll never catch me with a coffee from the office machine in hand. But I couldn’t handle the mental strain of delivering every graphic design with an error. I don’t think I could sustain my work that way, and Casa would soon part ways with me. So, I’ll just make my own slow coffee at home and reluctantly miss the coffee bar.”


What do you find important in society that Casa has been involved in?

Karine: “Following the renovation of our hotel rooms, Hotel Casa supported the Ronald McDonald Fund by sponsoring a room in their new building for parents of long-term ill children. This collaboration emphasizes Casa’s commitment to growth by helping others, and I find it beautiful to be part of that by working at Hotel Casa.” 


How does Casa feel when you walk into the lobby through the revolving doors?

Karine: “For me, Casa feels like a familiar and personal place, especially after being here for 8 years (laughs). The mezzanine is a wonderful place to work; the bright interior gives the hotel a vibrant atmosphere, and being surrounded by young people around me is hugely inspiring.”

What’s your favorite spot in the hotel?

Karine: “Without a doubt, the coffee bar! The delightful aroma of freshly brewed chai takes me back to my time as a barista here. I love waiting by the coffee machine, experiencing the scents and sounds of fresh coffee beans.”

Karine Hotel Casa Amsterdam


How does your job contribute to guests having a unique experience at Hotel Casa?

Karine: “My job is fantastic because I’m involved in creative brainstorming sessions with various departments. We aim to offer unexpected extras to guests, ranging from playful elements in meeting rooms to creating complimentary bitterballen vouchers and putting together goodie bags for guests checking in during specific event periods like ADE.”



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