(Soon) Your favourite hangout, restaurant, coffee bar, work spot, bar or whatever you like to call us! A comfortable place where all sorts of people get together. We love good food made with local and sustainable products. Guilty pleasure food is served next to culinary dishes. And our passion for crafts can be taste in both our food as our drinks like specialty coffee and cocktails. It is in our blood to please people. In this way we combine the comfort of ‘feeling at home’ with the inspiration of ‘going out’. Would you like to come by for a bite, a drink or a make use of our flex work package? Make your reservation on the right pop-up button of this page. See you soon!
  Coffee, food and drinks (not necessarily in that order) Daily open: Sun – Mon 8:00 – 21:00 Tue – Sat    8:00 – 21:00
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We love some good guilty pleasure food!
But also our small dishes, meant to be shared and combined as you like!
"Little Friday" our every Thursday cocktail evening
Group dinner? Birthday party? We got you covered!



Any questions? We are happy to help.



Oui, nous prenons volontiers en compte les éventuels besoins alimentaires ou allergies. Veuillez le signaler au personnel du restaurant.

À l’hôtel Casa, nous organisons régulièrement des événements divertissants. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les événements, consultez notre calendrier www.hotelcasa.nl/events. Vous avez des suggestions à nous faire ? Veuillez nous envoyer un courriel info@hotelcasa.nl.

Sûr que vous pouvez! Vous pouvez réserver votre table sur east-amsterdam.nl si vous voulez être sûr, bien que les réservations ne soient généralement pas nécessaires. Grand groupe? Merci de réserver ou de nous contacter via info@east-amsterdam.nl.

Yes you can! EAST has room for about 150 people. You can hire a part of the venue from 60 people upwards. For more information, please send an email to meetings@hotelcasa.nl and include as many details as possible about your desired event. Think of the number of guests, date and desired catering.

EAST offers various catering packages, ranging from delicious appetizers, drink packages, 3-course dinners and walking dinners. Mail for questions and possibilities to meetings@hotelcasa.nl