These are the house rules of Hotel Casa Amsterdam. We kindly ask you to respect these rules. If these house rules are not followed, staff reserve the right to deny the hotel guest access to the hotel. If the hotel guest refuses to cooperate, the police will be called in. By accepting the terms and conditions of the reservation, the hotel guest agrees to adhere to these house rules.

Above all, we hope you enjoy your stay with Hotel Casa Amsterdam.

  • All hotel guests are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with Dutch Law
  • All hotel guests are expected to follow indications of the hotel staff
  • Weapons are not permitted in the hotel
  • Soft drugs, hard drugs, nitrous oxide and smoking are prohibited in the hotel
  • Unwanted intimacies, aggression and racism are not tolerated
  • All hotel guests are responsible for visitors they invite to their room and therefore for these visitors’ behaviour
  • All payments in the hotel are made by credit card or debit payment
  • If the hotel guest has paid for the reservation without a credit card, a €100.00 deposit will be requested upon check-in. Guests must pay this amount by credit card or debit payment
  • In the following situations, a €100.00 fine will be charged to the guests staying in the room:
    – Smoking in the room (incl. marijuana and e-cigarette);
    – Activating a fire alarm in case of no fire;
    – Damage due to accident or vandalism;
    – Leaving the room excessively dirty.

    If one of the situations above has been caused by a visitor of the hotel guest, the hotel guest remains responsible for paying the fine. The costs of the fine shall be paid directly at the reception of the hotel. If the hotel guest cannot pay the fine at that moment and the reservation is guaranteed with a credit card, this card will be used to pay the fine.

  • All hotel guests must wear appropriate clothing and footwear in public areas of the hotel

  • Upon check-in, hotel guests are required to present valid identification. At any other moment during the stay, Hotel Casa reserves the right to ask visitors to the hotel for identification
  • It is not permitted to cause excessive noise in or around the hotel

  • Hotel Casa Amsterdam cannot be held liable for lost items of hotel guests