Hotel Casa is thrilled to introduce you to Janine Jetten, the passionate and accomplished Head Barista at our EAST Specialty Coffee Bar. With her rich background in the world of coffee, Janine shares her journey and the spice she will be adding to EAST.

Janine, could you share with us your role at EAST Coffee Bar?

Janine Jetten: “Certainly! My role at EAST Specialty Coffee Bar is to ensure that it remains the heart of Hotel Casa. It opens early each morning, welcoming guests and setting the tone for their day. EAST is a place where coffee enthusiasts and hotel guests can come together and experience the world of specialty coffee. We’re dedicated to creating an inviting environment where guests can explore the nuances of coffee.”

Your journey into the world of coffee is fascinating. Can you tell us how it all began?

Janine Jetten: “Absolutely. My coffee journey started when I joined Starbucks at the age of 22, despite having no prior experience. I underwent comprehensive training in London, which laid the foundation for my career in coffee. During my nine-year tenure at Starbucks, I had the opportunity to explore and understand how coffee from various regions possesses distinct and unique flavors. During my time at Starbucks, I evolved into a trainer, a coffee master, and even an ambassador.”

East Specialty Coffee Bar Hotel Casa Amsterdam Filter Coffee Slow

How did you end up being fascinated by specialty coffee?

Janine Jetten: “It was a particular moment that changed everything for me. I discovered the world of specialty coffee when I suddenly tasted a coffee with natural strawberry notes, emphasizing the importance of lightly roasted beans to showcase their unique origins. I couldn’t believe that this also was the taste of coffee! I then managed a small coffee shop for five years, even through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This eventually led me to Casa, where I found my position in a hotel setting, serving a diverse mix of guests, including neighborhood regulars relying on us for their daily caffeine fix.”

What can guests expect when coming to EAST?

Janine Jetten: “At EAST, people can enjoy a range of offerings, including our unique homemade syrups. I love the look on guests faces when I tell them our pumpkin spice and vanilla syrup is made from scratch with only fresh ingredients. We also offer a variety of beans for purchase, allowing guests to bring the EAST experience home. We’re dedicated to refining different brewing methods, such as cold drip and V60, ensuring a diverse coffee experience. Additionally, we prioritize intensive staff training to share our passion and knowledge, enhancing the service to our guests.”

East Specialty Coffee Bar Hotel Casa Amsterdam Filter Coffee Slow

Can you tell us about some upcoming developments in EAST that guests can look forward to?

Janine Jetten: “There are some intriguing developments on the horizon, including the revival of activities like coffee classes for our guests, allowing them to learn from roasters and baristas who might otherwise seem less accessible. Next to that we want to delve deeper into the world of tea. Lastly, we’re going to celebrate International Coffee Day in a big way next year, providing an unforgettable experience for our guests.”

We’re looking forward to it! Thank you for your time Janine.

Janine Jetten: “Happy to have you!”


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