The legendary story of Casa starts with four friends and a mission. Casa was founded in the late ‘50s, to help solve the housing shortage for students. By also offering rooms to hotel guests in the building, Casa is – to this day – able to provide students enjoyable and affordable student housing. And that makes for a unique mixture of people that’ll never bore you.




Roland / Financial Supervisor

“I truly experience Casa as a young company giving you lots of space to develop and grow.”


Fé / Community Builder

“Casa feels like a true home. The thing I like the most is that everything we do feels like a team effort.”


Cycle route East Amsterdam

The grass is not always greener on the other side! Explore the direct area around Casa: head to Artis to see elephants and penguins, lie down with a book in Oosterpark or Frankendael Park, or picknick along the Ringdijk waters.

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Amsterdam South-East Cycle Route

Discover Amsterdam’s most multicultural neighbourhood: play some foot near Ajax’s stadium, try some Afro-Surinamese food and sweets in a local deli, or enjoy nature’s magic along the beaks of the Hoge Dijk.

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Amsterdam Centre Cycle Route

Go for a walk or cycle to Jordaan and see the Amsterdam that you’ve always imagined: cute canalside houses along quiet courtyards. Head for a lunch at one of the wonderful coffee houses or pastry shops. ​

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