At Hotel Casa Amsterdam we are lucky to have a secure, underground parking garage. There are 94 parking spots and 1 disabled parking space. The garage is available to guests of the hotel, meetings, events, rooftop terrace GAPP and Restaurant EAST.

When you’re staying at our hotel you can take the elevator from the parking garage directly to your room – but only with your key card, to activate the scanner in the elevator.

Be aware! It’s not possible to park a vehicle higher than 2.10 meters. 

Rates and payment

When you enter the parking garage, the gate will open automatically by scanning your license plate. The parking costs can be paid at the payment terminal in the lobby of the hotel. Please note: payment is only possible by credit or debit card. 

Rates Per hour Per 24 hours
Hotel Casa
Max. €27.50

Parking on the street

It might be possible that there are no parking spaces available. In this situation you can also park in the street around the hotel. However, these hourly and daily rates may vary from our own rates.


Depending on availability it’s possible to reserve a parking space with ParkBee. Through ParkBee you can reserve a parking space with the apps Parkmobile, Park-Lane and YellowBrick. Fill in the date of arrival and departure, the number plate and your e-mail address. 

After your reservation you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a link which you use to open the gates when entering and leaving. You can leave and enter again whenever you want. If you want to stay longer, you can pay the extra time through your smartphone.

Electric charging stations

In the parking garage there are 4 charging stations available for electric cars. 

Are you bringing a bicycle with you?

Our underground garage includes bicycle parking as well. Stalling your bike is however on own risk. It’s also possible to stall your bike outside around the hotel where you will find bicycle racks facilitated by the City of Amsterdam. 


Our parking garage is near the Amstel train station. You can navigate to Stephensonstraat 36B, 1097AH, Amsterdam.