Hotel Casa Amsterdam provides a secure underground parking garage (max. height 2.10 meters) featuring 94 standard parking spots, including a spot for disabled guests. Our parking facility is open to hotel guests, meeting and event attendees, visitors to the rooftop GAPP, as well as patrons of Restaurant EAST.

During your stay, you can access your room from the parking garage
using the elevator with your key card.

Rates and payment

When you enter the parking garage, the gate will open automatically by scanning your license plate. Before leaving, the parking costs can be paid at the payment terminal next to the elevator in the lobby of the hotel.

Please note: payment is only possible by credit or debit card. 

Rates Per hour Per 24 hours
Hotel Casa
Max. €27.50


Simply click the button and enter your arrival and departure dates, along with your vehicle’s license plate number and email address. Please leave your invoicing details in the ‘remarks’ box if you require a business invoice.

Upon arrival, you can easily access the parking garage by driving in, as your vehicle’s license plate will be recognized.

Please note that your license plate needs to be clean and visible in order for the system to work.

Electric charging stations

In the parking garage there are 4 charging stations available for electric cars. 

In case of full parking capacity

While we strive to accommodate all guests, there may be occasions when our parking spaces are fully occupied. In such cases, you have the option to park on the nearby streets surrounding the hotel. Do keep in mind that the hourly and daily rates for street parking may differ from our own rates.

Coming by bike?

Hotel Casa provides a secure underground bicycle parking space. To access this facility, cyclists can make use of the stairs situated near office WPG:


  1. When you’re facing the main entrance of the parking garage, head towards the street on your left: James Watt street
  2. Once you’re in the James Watt street, take an immediate right turn.
  3. At the end of James Watt Street, make another right turn.
  4. There, you will find the entrance for bicycles.


Access to the bicycle parking area is restricted, and a valid room key card is necessary to open the door for entry.


Our parking garage is near the Amstel train station. 

You can navigate to Stephensonstraat 36B, 1097AH, Amsterdam.