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Hotel Casa holds a strong commitment to social responsibility, prioritizing both people and our planet. Explore how CASA strives to make a positive impact.

Sustainability TEAM

Our dedicated Sustainability Team’s core task is to constantly reflect on the question: ‘How do we as Hotel Casa contribute to a more sustainable use of the earth? A challenging question, with many different possible answers. At Casa we obtained and use the BREEAM Certificate as a guideline to organize our business operations as sustainable as possible. The main topics we focus on are:
  • Transport
  • Management
  • Health 
  • Energy
  • Waste
For further insights into CASA’s initiatives, consult the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) document.


BREEAM Certificate: Obtained as the first hotel in the Netherlands

Hotel Casa takes immense pride in being the pioneering hotel in the Netherlands to achieve a BREEAM certification, earning a ‘Very Good’ rating for CASA’s commitment to sustainability. This certification underscores Hotel Casa’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint while providing exceptional hospitality. 

CASA’s commitment to sustainability is showcased through the small fleet of three cars— including one hybrid and two electric, the upcoming rooftop solar panel installation, LED lighting throughout the entire hotel, and our great focus on employee well-being. These efforts, alongside CASA’s hospitality, embody Hotel Casa’s ongoing journey towards a greener future for guests and the community.

Discover our BREEAM certification details by following this link to Hotel Casa’s page on the BREEAM website


Green Key

Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the hospitality sector in the Netherlands with over 750 certified companies. This seal aims to promote sustainability in the tourism and leisure industry and reduce its impact on the environment. Companies with a Green Key seal of approval meet strict standards within 12 sustainability themes and do all they can to preserve the environment without sacrificing comfort and quality for their guests. In doing so, they go a step further than normal laws and regulations require.

Green Key has 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more sustainable a business is, the more sustainability standards a business achieves and the higher their Green Key level is. Hotel Casa is proud owner of the Green Key 2024 Certificate with a gold level. This means CASA scored highest on all 12 sustainability themes.

Green Key Certificate



CASA is proud to collaborate with ROOM FOR CHANGE, an initiative dedicated to supporting economically homeless individuals who have faced financial hardships, such as divorce or bankruptcy. These individuals often do not earn enough to secure housing and are not yet eligible for social housing due to limited registration. ROOM FOR CHANGE combines the resources of the hospitality industry with the expertise of social organizations like De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam to provide these individuals with a lifeline.

This student season, Hotel Casa is honored to dedicate one of the hotel rooms to a ROOM FOR CHANGE participant. By doing so, CASA contributes to their mission of offering a safe haven where individuals can recover from life on the streets, access support, and take steps towards employment and permanent housing for only €15 a night. Together with ROOM FOR CHANGE, Hotel Casa is working towards a more inclusive and compassionate society, one room at a time.

On Request Housekeeping

Hotel Casa offers a on request housekeeping service. The rooms are refreshed every fourth day of the stay as a part of CASA’s standard service. Guests can request additional housekeeping service by scanning the QR code on the paper or door hanger displayed in the room. Same-day cleaning requests are accepted until 12:00 at noon.

With the implementation of the on request housekeeping service, CASA saves up to 23.000 liters of water and 1060 kwh of electricity each year. The cost savings are invested in sustainable projects such as Hotels for Trees. Together with Hotels for Trees, CASA actively supports the transition towards a more eco-friendly hotel industry by planting a tree for each day a guest chooses to skip room cleaning.

Thank you for supporting CASA’s sustainable mission!

Green Hotel Club

Hotel Casa proudly stands as one of the founding partners of the Green Hotel Club (GHC), an impactful organization in Amsterdam dedicated to fostering collaboration in sustainability efforts in the hotel industry.
Marco Peeters, CASA’s Deputy Director, holds a significant role as a board member within the foundation. 

Orbisk, an AI-powered innovation recommended by the Green Hotel Club, finds a new home at Hotel Casa’s kitchen. This cutting-edge technology efficiently measures and tackles food waste, aligning with Casa’s dedication to resource conservation within its culinary operations.

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Regarding sustainability...

We are part of the Green Hotel Club. An impact organisation from Amsterdam that stimulates collaboration among the members. Together we strive for high quality in hospitality, but also for sustainability. 

We’re always on the lookout for creative, new ideas to make our hotel even more sustainable. Got a great idea? Don’t hesitate to share it with us on

We offer on request housekeeping...

We are on a green mission! There is no daily cleaning as per standard, except on the fourth day of each stay. This way, we can save up to 23,000 liters of water and 1060 kwh of electricity per year. We invest those cost savings in sustainable projects such as Hotels for Trees to make the world a little greener. Together with Hotels for Trees, we actively support the transition towards a more sustainable hotel industry. Let’s unite for a greener world.

We don't offer plastic or paper water cups in the rooms...

We rather use glass! Anything poured from a glass container when compared to its plastic counterpart simply tastes better. Period. Also, glass is non-toxic, free from potentially harmful chemicals, and generally not associated with a negative impact on your health and the environment.

We encourage hotel guests by means of motivational signage to drink clean Amsterdam tap water...

We’re proud of our ‘tasty’ Dutch drinking water. Bring your water bottle and enjoy it too!

All areas in the hotel are equipped with...

LED lighting!

We have a heat/cold storage, 50 meters below the hotel...

This way we keep the hotel cool in summer and warm in winter.

All lease cars in our fleet are...

Hybrid or electric.

All taps in the public areas of Hotel Casa are fitted with censors...

So that a tap is never left running unnecessarily.

We have been working together with JINC for several years now

An organization that helps young people with a disadvantage in the labor market to make a flying start. Our colleagues can register as a career coach or, for example, to provide job application training.

We've cycled twice in the HomeRide of the Ronald McDonald Foundation...

We entered a sustainable partnership and during the renovation of all our 520 hotel rooms, we also renovated one of the rooms of the Amsterdam Ronald McDonald House in the same style.

We set ourselves the goal of spending 240 hours a year (20 hours per month)...

On a socially responsible cause. Every Casa employee is given the opportunity to propose a goal and devote working time to it.


Did you know that...

Our workforce consists of...

53% women and 47% men.

A total of 21 different nationalities work at Hotel Casa...

30% of the total has a non-Dutch nationality.

People from all different age groups work at Hotel Casa...

11% are under 20, 47% are between 20 and 30 years old, 19% are between 30 and 40 years old, 16% are between 40 and 50 and 7% are over 50.

Our eight-headed Management Team currently consists of 80% women and 20% men...

This division is the result of a natural course of functions. With a vacant MT role, we always look for the most suitable person for the position.

When opening a new vacancy, we look for the most suitable candidate for the position...

Regardless of gender, age, origin, culture, sexual orientation, or other factors that may be discriminated against. We find it particularly important that a new colleague fits well into the Casa family and that every applicant has a fair chance. 

We work closely with schools and give students an opportunity to develop within Casa...

In this way we also give students who live in the Netherlands as status holders a chance. We teach these students the intricacies of the hospitality industry, but we also help them learn the Dutch language.

We are convinced that many of our vacancies can be easily filled by an employee with a disability...

That is why we give students with a physical disability the opportunity to do an internship with us, but we also work together with Emma at Work, a meditation agency for young people with a physical disability. Our facilities are easily accessible for people in a wheelchair and our employees like that there is room for people from the entire society!

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