Month of June: Holland Festival

Holland Festival

Cultural vibrancy in Amsterdam

Experience a month-long extravaganza of arts and culture in Amsterdam with the events of Holland Festival! As Hotel Casa, we are thrilled to be the proud partner of this extraordinary event in being the home to their artists. Join us in celebrating the finest talents from around the world as they showcase their creativity and brilliance.

About Holland Festival

Holland Festival is a renowned cultural festival that brings together artists, performers, and visionaries from across the globe. With a rich history spanning over seven decades, this prestigious event is a true celebration of the arts in all its forms. From avant-garde theater to groundbreaking dance, from classical music to cutting-edge multimedia installations, Holland Festival offers a curated selection of performances that push boundaries, ignite conversations, and inspire audiences.

Which performances to see?

Whether you are a seasoned culture enthusiast or a curious explorer, Holland Festival promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of artistic expression and creativity. You can find their program and agenda on their website.

At Hotel Casa, we have handpicked five hidden gems from the festival’s lineup, which we’re excited to share with you in our latest blog post.

Join us this month as we delve into these remarkable artistic treasures, and let yourself in the magic of Holland Festival.



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