With the arrival of June, Holland Festival is once again about to embrace Amsterdam with creative stimuli and cultural vibrancy. The month-long event is known for its international line-up of top artists. Expect a wide range of performances, from music and dance to theatre and film. Best of all, Holland Festival artists are staying at our hotel. In short, reasons enough to list the festival’s most artistic gems for you.



Dates: 10 times between June 8 and June 18

This English-language performance is a stunning warning that the cruel treatment of others will affect our world for years to come. Director Emma Rice transforms Emily Brontë’s classic “Wuthering Heights” into a unique, passionate and powerful theatrical experience, including live music, comedy, puppetry and dance. Holland Festival presents this production as a collaboration between the National Theatre and Emma Rice’s Wise Children, in partnership with DeLaMar and Sismo Stories & Performances. This breathtaking revenge tragedy depicts the story of fierce love, and a brutal chain of events.

Wuthering Heights: Click for info + tickets

Wuthering Heights Holland Festival



Date: 10/06 (8.30pm) + 11/06 (3pm)

Director Elli Papakonstantinou brings his musical queer version of Euripides’ The Bacchantes to audiences twice at Het Muziekgebouw. In the play, every form of desire is encouraged by the god Dionysus. Through his collaboration with opera singers, choreographers and performers such as Ariah Lester, a new performing language emerges, where text theater organically transitions into musical theater, opera and dance. The piece crosses many boundaries, and queer is more than personal preferences for the creators: it is an opportunity to look at the world in a new, open way.

The Bacchae: Click for info + tickets


ANGELA (a strange loop)

Dates: June 7 (8 pm) | June 8 (8 pm) | June 9 (8 pm)

Imagine that one person’s life can lead us to the core question of our existence. That is what director Susanne Kennedy and multimedia artist Markus Selg do in ANGELA (a strange loop). The performance takes us on a journey through the life of a woman called Angela and challenges us to reflect on our own identity and consciousness. Using a post-humanist aesthetic and a multimedia approach, they explore the new balance of power between bodies, technical objects and machines. The performance leads us to the fundamental question: what is the nature of reality and what does ‘I’ represent?

Angela: Click for info + tickets



Date: 20/06 (8.30pm)

Raven Chacon, a Diné (Navajo) composer, musician and artist, presents a concert program of scores that experiment with instruments and instrumentation – from guns and dog whistles to a piece for eight trumpets. His work focuses on the legacy of colonialism and its lasting effects on indigenous populations in the United States. Chacon is the first Native American composer to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music, and his work is based on rhythm, acoustics and concepts. The program also includes an improvisation with three guest musicians and collaborators.

Call for the company: Click for info + tickets



Date: 23/06 (8.30pm) 

The last (but not least) event to be highlighted in this blog showcases a double-bill featuring Kembra Pfahler and Johanna Constantine. Performance artist and DJ Johanna Constantine presents her longest work ever: Tenebris Suspiria Naturae (‘The Dark Sigh of Nature’). This piece, featuring multiple dancers, explores the struggle for survival in an unpredictable environment. Kembra Pfahler, known for her involvement with The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black band presents “The Way We Are,” an activist concert with costumes inspired by Future Feminism. These performances embody the evolving landscape of performance art and feminism.

Tenebris Suspiria Naturae & The Way We Are: Click for info + tickets


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