Work from home... Eh, from our Casa that is.
Coffee? We got your back!
And you better treat yourself!
Running on low fuel? Not on our watch!

Want to get some work done or study in silence? Casa has nice flexible places to work where you can mind your own business. To make it even more practical to work from our Casa, we have put together a flexible working package. This makes working at Casa a real party!

What we offer

  • We provide nice, quiet and clean workplaces.
  • You will also have access to free WiFi and electricity. Don’t worry about that!
  • It doesn’t matter how you get to us. We are easily accessible by bicycle, public transport, car or even with your own private helicopter if you insist!
  • Are you coming by car? No sweat! A day of parking is at only €10 in combination with a flexible work package.
  • We are also very flexible; when you arrive (and leave); it is up to you! 
  • You do not have to worry about food and drinks; check the package below for all the goodies that are included.

You better work!

Working made easier by offering the following working package.

working 9 till 5

  • 4 drinks of your choice (coffee/tea/soda’s)
  • Lunch
  • A pastry
  • Piece of fruit

This all for €30,-.

Easy Come, Easy Go


Serious Business





Make your reservation through the button below or get in contact if you have any questions. Mail info@east-amsterdam.nl or call +31 (0)20 207 8078. 

We are happy to help!