Corona Virus

Thank you for choosing Hotel Casa Amsterdam!

With the impact of the spread of COVID-19 we are keen to inform you in detail on the measures we have taken in our hotel. We understand and share your concern on corona, after all the wellbeing of our guests is of the utmost importance.

Current situation in the Netherlands

The management team of Hotel Casa is constantly monitoring any new developments in relation to the virus and we follow the advice of GGD (Municipal Health Services) and RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) in the Netherlands. More information can be found on the website of the RIVM

General operational measures

Apart from Hotel Casa following all recommendations of the above stated institutions, specific operational measures have been taken as follows:

  • Disinfectant hand gels (sprays) have been made available throughout the building in all public areas (and are replenished constantly).

  • Mandatory hygienic instructions have been shared with all personnel following the RIVM instructions (wash hands with water and soap frequently, cough in inside arm/elbow only, use paper towels and refrain from shaking hands).

  • Staff reporting ill or returning from holidays in affected areas are interviewed to perform a risk assessment and are not invited back to work until absence of risk has been confirmed by medical staff.

  • Protocols have been put in place in case any virus cases are reported within the hotel. Any guest or employee in the building with doubts of having caught the virus will be interviewed by our (trained) Managers on Duty to identify a potential relation to the virus (cough, fever, respiratory complaints). Our Managers on Duty have clear instructions to put any such person in direct contact with GGD services (Municipal Health Services). Our Crisis (Management) Team will be alerted immediately in any such case and all our teams will follow exact instructions of GGD services in terms of isolation or quarantine should any such measures be recommended.

  • A quarantine room has been appointed and is kept available as a preventative measure until needed.

Extra information for…
…Hotel Guests
  • We upscaled our all hygienic measures throughout the hotel, including housekeeping after every stay.
  • We kindly yet urgently ask all hotel guests to check in and check out online, in order to avoid direct contact as much as possible. You will receive information about online check in through email days before your stay.
  • We expect all our guests to wear a face mask if it’s not possible to maintain 1,5 metres distance in Casa, while being present in public areas throughout the hotel.
  • Plastic protection screens are put in place above our reception desk to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Restaurant EAST is currently open between 08:00-23:00. The coffee bar is accessible form 08:00 until 16:00 hours.

Please watch this video if you would like to know more about the check in process with regards to the safety measures we have taken.


…Restaurant Guests
  • Visitors of Rooftop terrace GAPP are not asked for a coronavirus entry pass.
  • Visitors of Restaurant EAST will be asked for a valid coronavirus entry pass. Guests without a valid pass will not have access to the restaurant. 
  • The coffee bar is accessible for coffee-to-go without a coronavirus entry pass. 

…Meeting and Events Guests
  • All meeting guests will be asked for a valid coronavirus entry pass. 
  • Meeting hosts will be asked to share our health and safety measures with all participants at the start of their meetings.

Bookings & cancellations

In these difficult times we understand plans might change. Please get in contact with our reservations team, to see how we can help you with your booking:

Questions or more information

We hope to have informed you sufficiently for now. Should you need any further information, have concerns or suggestions please do let us know through or +31 20 665 1171. Apart from the above, we hope you and your family stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you again!

On a positive note…

Although a pandemic is never fun or pleasant, they still say « never waste a good crisis ». During a crisis, we often become resourceful, and we see opportunities that we otherwise miss. That’s why we would like to share some positive takeaways that these quite unusual times have given us. 

Travelling abroad to exotic destinations might be a bit risky in these uncertain times. However locals still want to explore and relax. Possibly in your own hometown, but also to another city if you don’t live in the capital. Staying close to home is trending! That’s why we always offer good package deals. Spoiler alert; they often contain free parking or free rental bikes throughout your stay. Find all our current offers here!

How great would it be to get some work done without being disturbed by your kids, your flat mates or a renovation at the neighbours? That’s what must have thought. We have set up a partnership for all you workaholics without a quite place to work. One of our creative meeting rooms is your office for the day!

Healthcare professionals are on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. They’re often required to travel far from home and work long hours in harm’s way. It’s our duty to do what we can to help them and their families. Unfortunately, there were lots of empty hotel rooms – but these were exactly the beds that can offer some small comfort to those affected by the pandemic. Hotels for Helpers is an industry-wide initiative to provide people in need with hotel accommodation we participated in during the spring time to help those in need. Sympathetic right?

In the 63 years of our existence it has only happened one time before… Students that live in Casa during the summer! It might seem a bit ironic for a hotel that is primarily home to 360 students during the academic year. Normally our summer period is the moment when we generate revenue in order to maintain providing affordable student housing throughout the academic year. However, this year was different. And special. And we didn’t have to miss our beloved students!


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Réservez aujourd’hui et recevez 10 € de réduction sur votre séjour

*Pas en combinaison avec d’autres offres

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