Meet Agustina, a woman full of Bright Vibes at Hotel Casa‘s Front Office. Originally from Argentina, she started a new chapter in Amsterdam two years ago. Armed with a degree in Ergotherapy, she ventured to the city to seek fresh challenges while embracing a new language along the way. Let’s get away from the Ordinary with Agustina.

Let’s start with a fun dilemma: You need to tell a fun fact about yourself to every guest checking in or you need to guide every guest in person to their room?

Agustina: “I prefer to sprinkle a little fun into check-ins by sharing a quirky fact about myself. It adds a personal touch, allowing guests get a glimpse of my personality,” says Agustina with a smile. “Although I wish I could personally escort every guest to their rooms, the time simply doesn’t allow for it.”


Agustina Hotel Casa Amsterdam


What do you find important in society that CASA has been involved in?

Agustina: “In addition to providing housing for 360 students between September and the end of May, Hotel Casa implements a great practice as these students move out in May. After their kitchen spaces are cleaned, we encourage them to gather non-perishable food items, which CASA then donates to the local food bank. It’s a wonderful demonstration of community giving and reducing waste.


How does CASA feel when you walk into the lobby through the revolving doors?

Agustina: “Hotel Casa feels like a second home to me. When I reflect on my decision to start working here, it’s all about the feeling I experienced when entering CASA for the first. There’s an energy, a vibe about this place that resonates with me. I strongly believe that places possess a distinctive energy, and CASA has always evoked a wonderful sensation within me.”


What’s your favorite spot in the hotel?

Agustina: “The view from our rooftop GAPP is truly enchanting and unique. You’re experiencing CASA’s atmosphere while having the feeling that you’re on top of the city. I love being there!”

Rooftop GAPP Hotel Casa Amsterdam East Dakterras Amsterdam


How does your job contribute to guests having a unique experience at Hotel Casa?

Agustina: “Being a receptionist, I truly believe this role the cornerstone of any hotel experience. I see myself as CASA’s representative – how guests perceive me reflects their perception of CASA. It’s vital to me that guests feel this is their second home, just as CASA is mine. I aim to create an environment where they feel at ease from the moment they walk through our doors.”



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