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cocktails & Little Friday

Move over, coffee. Today is a day for cocktails.

We like to cheers to the weekend on Thursday’s already! That’s why we spotlight one cocktail every Thursday for only € 5 on these Little Friday nights!

On Thursday April 20th it’s up to the Horse’s Neck. You can just walk in to have a cocktail, without making a reservation.


About the Horse’s Neck

We dare to admit: it’s not the most sexy name to say out loud. Nevertheless, the taste is quite seductive. The history of the Horse’s Neck lays in Hollywood of the 50’s and 60’s. Can you imagine already? Glamorous people, ordering this amber colored cocktail?

The Horse’s Neck is a combination of rich flavored bourbon – with hints of caramel, vanilla and some dried fruits – and ginger ale, lemon peel and ice cubes. A perfectly mature and fresh cocktail to drink on your Thursday evening in April.



A quick cocktail recipe

This is a must-try cocktail and easy to prep at home. Never heard of the Horse Neck?
It’s a classic cocktail, elegant and easy going. This is how you do it:

1. Grab a long drink glass
2. Add lemon juice, Remy Martin and Angostura bitters
3. Fill up with ice cubes and ginger ale

Give it a stir add an orange peel to style your cocktail. Try not to share this one…


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Reserve today and receive €10 discount on your stay

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