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Thursdays are the new Fridays

Toast to Little Friday with €5 cocktails

Join us on Thursdays for our ‘Little Friday’ nights! Discover a new cocktail in the limelight each week, for only €5. Why wait till Friday to feel weekend spirit? 

On Thursday April 4th it’s up to the Spiced Mule. You can just walk in to have a cocktail, without making a reservation.


About the Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule is a timeless classic known for its refreshing taste and iconic copper mug presentation. This cocktail, originating in the 1940s, combines the fiery kick of ginger beer with the crispness of vodka and a hint of lime, creating a drink that’s as bold as it is refreshing. Served over ice and garnished with a lime wedge, the Moscow Mule is the perfect choice for any occasion, whether you’re lounging at home or enjoying a night out with friends.


A quick cocktail recipe

  1. Fill a copper mug (or glass of your choice) with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in 50 ml (1.7 oz) vodka.
  3. Squeeze in 15 ml (0.5 oz) fresh lime juice.
  4. Top up with 120 ml (4 oz) ginger beer.
  5. Stir gently to combine.
  6. Garnish with a lime wedge.
  7. Serve and enjoy your refreshing Moscow Mule!


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Reserve today and receive €10 discount on your stay

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