Explore Amsterdam by bike

1985- Exploring Amsterdam by bike when you are too tired.
2018- Having a well deserved beer.
1976- Enjoying the sun after a long bike ride.
2020- Making new friends in Casa.

You may think; why do I end up on this page, I can just use Google to explore the city right? Well, we can tell you that! We like to share the experiences and the knowledge of Casa students with you, a unique way for you to explore the city!  Three cycling routes along favorite places of Casa students, specially made for you!

The student concept

The legendary story of Casa starts with four friends and a mission. Casa was founded in the late ‘50s, to help solve the housing shortage for students. By also offering rooms to hotel guests in the building, Casa is – to this day – able to provide students enjoyable and affordable student housing. And that makes a unique mixture of people that’ll never bore you.

2020- A summer time in Casa

The summer of 2020 intently became special. Whereas normally we only accommodate hotel guests during the summer, we now offer rooms to students. A unique situation, as this has only happened once before, in 1994 in our old building.

During this intensive period, we had lot of time time to think about projects that we could work on, together with Casa students. That is exactly what we did! Our students created three different routes through Amsterdam for you as a guest to follow by bike. By entering in the perspective of our students, we give you that good old Casa feeling and we make sure you never want to leave this lovely and vibrant city.

Interesting fact: Lauren Driessen (student living in Casa) made these beautiful drawings.

route 1: south-east

Created by:

route 2: centre

created by:
cameron bay

route 3:

created by: hanne van dolderen & krissie kriburg

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We hope you will enjoy our beautiful city! Since biking around Amsterdam is our favourite way to get around, we would love to see what you have discovered! If you share your stories, tag us at Hotelcasa_amsterdam on Instagram or Hotel Casa Amsterdam on Facebook.