Hasta la Pasta!

✨Life is a combination of magic and pasta. – Federico Fellini✨

The weekend just starts much nicer with a good pasta than with a healthy salad! That is why we organize a pasta evening once a month! It’s gonna be cheesy!

What can you expect?

🍝 Your evening starts well with antipasti! You can order a tasty plate with Italian cold cuts for €10.

🍝 We prepare the pasta in a large Parmesan cheese. In this Italian culinary tradition (dalla forma), the cooked pasta is mixed in a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. This way your pasta gets a delicious coating of cheese, and you can taste that!

🍝 The pasta is served with delicious autumn garnishes such as chestnut, mushrooms, pumpkin.

🍝 The pasta is prepared specially for you for just €13,50!

🍝 Fan of truffle? For €6 extra, we gladly decorate your pasta with this planed black gold.

🍷 Our sommelier Dorien has put together a delicious wine selection with Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton!

🍮 Still in the mood for something sweet? We have home-made tiramisu with limoncello for €7. Did you know that tiramisu means “pull me up”?

Reservations are advisable, it was quite busy the last few editions. Otherwise you could just wait at the bar (no punishment by the way). If you want to be sure of a place, make a reservation via the link on the left and mention “Hasta la Pasta” with your reservation.


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Reserve today and receive 10 € discount on your stay
*Not in combination with other offers

Reserve today and receive €10 discount on your stay

*Not in combination with other offers


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