join the pipe

Yes! You just got yourself a very fair and sustainable water bottle! Here are a few good things to know… 

Join The Pipe

Join the Pipe is a community of tap water drinkers with a dream: build the longest waterpipe in the world, long enough to bring water to those without!

Brand with a mission 

Drink water projects in developing countries are financed through the sale of reusable and durable bottles, carafes, and water tap stations.

Casa Cares 

At Casa we look after our planet whenever we can. That’s why we don’t provide disposable cups in the hotel or in the rooms. The alternative are these cool Join The Pipe bottles.

Join the pipe

Welcome To Our New East!


At Casa, you’ll have the whole city at your feet. Super easy by public transport or car!


Jump into the crisp dreamers and get yourself some rest in our bright rooms



At Casa we make friends, and friends deserve nothing but the best. Our friends get €5 discount. Use code ‘FRIENDS 77’.