Humans of Casa - melanie

A hotel is a place an unique mix of people come together. We are very excited to share the stories that guests, colleagues and students bring with them.
In our first edition we share the story of Melanie, our always smiling barista with a big heart for the music industry.
Coffee and beats

Melanie makes great coffees, but there’s so much more we can tell about her! She has a big passion for music, so it might no be a big surprise that she studies Music Management.
She learns about all facets of the music industry and her dream job is to be the manager of young upcoming artists.
Currently she’s really inspired by artists from Amsterdam. Someone to watch according to Melanie is Cero Ismael, a young r&B singer who sings about personal emotions and struggles.

Melanie really loves elephants, because they are super smart, loyal and have an extraordinary memory. Elephants are capable to remember good and bad things. To embrace her spirit animal she decided to make it official with a tattoo. The elephant on her left arm symbolises Satao, the biggest elephant of Kenia with the longest ivory. Satao was killed for that, which is a really sad story of course…



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