The weekend is right around the corner and that means all Dutch will go to the pub or a sunny (rooftop) terrace for some ‘gezelligheid’. Be well prepared for your Friday afternoon drink by learning these beer facts by heart!

1. The most expensive beer in de world

The Belgian beer ‘Vieille Bon Secours’ is the most expensive beer in the world! For a bottle of 12 liters you have to pay 815 (!) euros. Did you know that you can also drink 165 craft beers on Hopp for that same amount?!

2. It runs in the family

Hop is the drunken uncle of the notorious hemp family. In that family there is also that one addicted cousin: marijuana.

3. Sky high

Are you going on a well-deserved holiday soon and are you travelling by plane? Then remember this: we are less able to taste sweet at more than 10,000 meters high. That’s why beer on the plane tastes a lot more bitter! So, don’t get angry at the flight attendant, it is entirely your fault!

4. Elementary need

Beer was brewed 2000 years ago, even before people realized that you can use grain to make bread! We could say; beer was the only elementary need back then!

Beer bottles

5. Yes you can!

We all know a ‘beer connoisseur’ who says that beer in cans tastes different from beer in glass. That’s not true because cans seem to have no effect on the taste of beer! Still not a fan of the metal touching your lips? First serve in a glass and you will not taste the difference. Ha, who is the beer connoisseur now?!

6. Gooooodnight

We all fall asleep quickly after having a few beers in the weekend. Do you also want to sleep well on weekdays, but don’t want to drink a beer for that? Put some hop under your pillow! Who needs lavender, right?

7. Real art

The salt in the water from which beer is brewed gives the beer a more intense taste. But, on the other hand, too much salt destroys all yeasts. A true art to get it right, if you would ask us!

8. More please!

Fancy more after these facts? Then study ‘Zythology’! It’s the study of beer and beer brewing. Really! It exists. Look it up!


GAPP Amsterdam

Alright. Now you have a basic package of beer facts. Do you want to impress your friends? Make sure to pay a visit to our rooftop beergarten GAPP this weekend. The 30 different craft beers are worth a try! Take the elevator to the 8th floor and be amazed by the spectacular view and greenery, high above the burstling city. Check our Instagram for actual opening hours! 

PS: drink responsibly


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