Now in our coffee bar: the Billie Cup. This reusable coffee-to-go cup is the sustainable replacement for paper cups and can be used again and again for your coffee order in EAST. Read on for more about the Billie Cup.

What is the Billie Cup?

The Billie Cup is a reusable cup, which is perfect for on the go! Globally, we love take away coffee and that involves quite a few disposable paper cups. Billie, in contrast, is reusable, dishwasher-safe, and available in 3 different sizes. This way you have the right cup for every drink.

Our barista Jacko using Billie Cup

How does the Billie Cup work?

When you order your drink to-go at our coffee bar in EAST, you can ask our baristas that you want to take it with a Billie Cup. You pay a €1 deposit which you get back when you return Billie. We wash it and so the sustainable cycle begins all over again. Of course, you can also keep Billie (longer) and take him to EAST when you order coffee. That way, as a reward, you get an extra €0.10 discount on your drink. If you like your coffee with a lid, you can buy one for €1 for yourself to reuse it. The lids fit any size cup.

Billie Facts 

  • Strong and unbreakable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lasts for years
  • Return it at any time and get €1 deposit back
  • Food-safe and doesn’t give off any taste
  • No BPA (a chemical commonly found in plastics)
  • No harmful substances
  • Made in France

Circular and sustainable coffee cup

We love disposable to-go cups worldwide. This paper and cardboard industry costs us 4 billion trees every year. Trees that we can actually use to purify the air. Not to mention the water, transport and energy required for the cups. With the Billie, you’re good to go! Because Billie will last for years in the circular system. At the end of their life, the cups are taken back to headquarters and recycled into new Billie’s!

Billie Cup latte art Coffee in the Billie Cup

The Billie Cup locations

Restaurant EAST is one of the Billie Cup locations in Amsterdam. So you enjoy your reusable coffee cup at other locations too. Great when you bump into a Billie Cup location out of the blue. Currently, you can find the cup at more than 35 locations in the Netherlands, and Belgium and France are also fans! Together, we fight the single-use culture!

Fancy a coffee right now? Drop by EAST and order your cappuccino, latte, or slow filter with the Billie Cup. Do you still have a question about using the Billie Cup? Let our baristas at the coffee bar know!


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