We don’t just celebrate love on February 14. Nope, we celebrate it all year long! We love love love – whether you feel it for your partner, best friend, mother or big sister. Being together is the best thing there is. Keep this list of cuddly to-do’s in Amsterdam close at hand and experience them together.


Enjoy the green AND a bit of hustle and bustle together. That’s wandering around the Amsterdam parks in a nutshell. Get a coffee for the road (at EAST) and walk together with your sweetheart or buddy through the Oosterpark, Frankendael Park, Vondelpark, Amsterdamse Bos and so on. Sipping coffee, having a chat or just enjoy a moment of absolute nothingness together. 

Coffee to go Restaurant EAST

Strolling along the canals

Fancy a little more excitement without pebbles in your shoes? Take a stroll along the Amsterdam canals – which, by the way, you won’t only find in the city centre. In fact, Amsterdam East has countless pretty streets lining the rippling canals as well. Often accompanied by romantic gardens for a quick kiss. Feast your eyes on the majestic residences, large trees and small bridges. 

Catch a movie together

Snuggle together in the cinema and drift away together into adventurous, romantic stories. In some theatres, you can even opt for a spacious loveseat to enjoy the film in. We like the cosiness of a smaller cinema, where the craft beers are chilly, and you choose your own seat. Go for example, to Studio K, Kriterion, Rialto, Filmhallen or Lab111. Eat something, have a drink and sink away in the fluffy red chairs with your beloved one.

Movie theatre

Love through art

Also fond of museums and other art? If so, look for love there! The Rijksmuseum has the Love Stories. On canvas or in wood, with ‘love’ as the shared theme. Seek out hugging and kissing characters, or look for eyes full of languor and desire. You’ll find them in the permanent exhibition. You can also look for loving art objects at the Tropenmuseum or the Hermitage.

Kiss each other on the Magere Brug

It is the connection of the 2 streets along the Amstel river and has a rather adorable story. This famous Amsterdam bridge was built in the 17th century so that the Mager sisters – who lived on either side of the Amstel – could visit each other more often. As they became older, it became more and more difficult for the sisters to walk over to each other. Story goes that they had the bridge built for this reason. Unfortunately, this story is not a confirmed truth. 

Do you kiss each other in the middle of the ‘Skinny Bridge’? Then the love would always be with you! In any case, it is certainly romantic with the 1,200 little lights.

Botanically romantic

Find luxuriant gardens, bright greens and Amsterdam’s oldest tree in the Hortus Botanicus – the botanical garden of our capital city. Step with your sweetheart into the butterfly garden, warm up in the palm glasshouse and feast your eyes on the sweet, floral colours. Romance in an instant! 

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Night at Hotel Casa

A few days just for the two of you. Do whatever you feel like and enjoy exploring Amsterdam together. Hotel Casa is your starting point! Choose one of our cosy hotel rooms, for example the comfort or the premium. Our colourful rooms with king-size bed, soft shapes and natural materials will make you feel both away and at home. Make the most of your stay at Casa and book a table at Restaurant EAST for an extravagant lunch or some drinks in our cosy living room atmosphere.

Special pubs

Having a drink in the pub is always a good idea. But if you feel like going the extra mile, music or comedy bars are perfect. Enjoying sultry jazz in the background is possible in many places in Amsterdam. Are you more in the mood for massive laughs? Then book a table at one of the city’s comedy cafés, such as Toomler, Boom Chicago or Comedy Café.

Wine tasting EASTCulinary tastings

Is the way to someone’s heart really through the stomach? It depends on how you look at it. We love everything about beautiful dishes and delicious drinks! And what could be more fun than diving into a taste experience together? Whether you go for a wine, plate of cheese or for our very own cocktail tasting: it sure is comfy together.

There are so many ways to celebrate love, even if that love is not romantic. Enjoy beautiful moments together and make some memories. 


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