Flat white, cortado, batch brew, ... These days, entering a coffee bar can be an overwhelming experience. Have no fear. At EAST in Hotel Casa, we’ll help you navigate the modern coffee bar lingo and are happy to help find the perfect drink to start your day. Discover all basics you need to know in this blog.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee refers to high-quality coffee that is judged based on its unique flavour profiles and excellence in every step of production. It typically scores 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale by certified coffee tasters. The coffees are given points for balance, sweetness, bitterness, acidity and lack of defects. Higher scores, mean higher quality and better prices for farmers.

At EAST, we’re proud to work exclusively with Specialty Coffee, featuring a new roaster each month. We know the origin of each coffee, whether it’s from an individual producer or a cooperative. We also know the variety and flavour notes. 

The flavours of Specialty Coffee

In Specialty Coffee, flavours are shaped by a combination of factors. The variety of the coffee plant, such as the sought-after Geisha with its delicate floral notes or the full-bodied SL-28 with hints of blackcurrant and blueberries, plays a significant role. Additionally, the terroir (soil, climate, and altitude) ) impacts the taste. Also, unwashed coffees are generally thicker, sweeter, and fruitier, while washed coffees are known for their vibrant and clean flavors. Together, these elements create the unique and complex taste experiences that define specialty coffee.

Different types of Coffee



An espresso is made by forcing a small amount of hot water under pressure through a puck of finely ground coffee. This results in a thick shot of coffee with a full body, and a lot of flavour. We aim to brew a full bodied, balanced espresso that highlights the natural flavours.


Basically an Americano is a double espresso with hot water. Lessening the intensity and body of the espresso. A myth about the origin of the americano is that it finds its origin during WWII when American soldiers diluted the espresso’s as they found it far too strong. 


Filter coffee showcases the natural flavours, from floral Ethiopians to nutty Guatemalans and funky Indonesian brews. Each month, we offer fresh selections from Dutch roasters, available the same week they’re roasted. We perfect each coffee’s recipe, brewing it by hand or in small batches:


☕ Batch brew – or drip coffee

Each day our baristas choose a coffee and brew several small fresh batches for you. Our drip coffee has a smooth body, low bitterness and is full of flavour


Hand Brew – Origami brewer 

The origami is a modern evolution of the classical hand drippers. These Japanese drippers match our Bright Vibes theme and can be used to brew an amazing cup of coffee.


Cold Brew – Cold drip tower

This type is made with cold water, taking several hours to extract flavours. Our cold drip tower produces a smooth, sweet coffee with reduced bitterness and acidity. Enjoy it black, with milk, or with tonic for extra sparkle.


Alongside fresh, organic milk from a local farm in Weesp, EAST offers Sproud’s split pea milk (no added sugar, gluten-free, real milk texture), ROA oat milk, and Alpro soy milk to start your day right.


The cappuccino originated in Vienna, inspired by the colour of Capuchin monks’ robes. It evolved in Italy with the advent of the espresso machine. At EAST, we serve our cappuccini with a single shot of espresso and silky smooth milk, topped with beautiful latte art.


The café latte, named after the Italian word for milk, is a smooth, milky coffee served in a glass with a single shot of espresso, lots of milk, and a touch of foam. Pair it with our house-made syrups: vanilla, caramel, and seasonal specials like pumpkin spice in the Fall or honey lavender in the Spring.


This delicious milky coffee originated in either Australia or New Zealand as a type of foamless cappuccino. Now you often see them with a thin layer of microfoam and gorgeous latte art. At EAST, we’re suprising you with double espresso shots in the flat whites. 


This Spanish milky coffee packs quite a punch. A cortado is served in a small glass with a single shot of espresso and about twice as much milk. The milk cuts “cortarthrough the coffee, giving you a small, creamy and intense coffee experience. 


A latte machiatto is served in a large glass with loads of milk and a single shot of espresso. The taste of coffee is immediately present when you take a sip, as the espresso shot is slowly added to the milk which results in the coffee being layered just under the top foam. 


Macchiato is the Italian word for ‘stained. A little cloud of milk foam goes on top of the espresso, creating that stain while giving it a little sweetness. If you prefer your macchiato with some extra milk or foam, let us know and we will gladly make it the way you like.


If you need refreshment, iced coffee is the way. We can make any milk drink as an icy cold version for you. For a little sweetness, add a shot of vanilla or caramel syrup. If you’d like a little excitement, go for our espresso tonic full of sparkles and fun. 

Different types of Tea

By  weighing our tea and using filtered water at the right temperature we can indulge you with the best infusions time and time again. We’ve got classics like Earl Grey, a silky smooth Oolong and white jasmin tea.  


We love tea as much as coffee, especially without artificial additions. Each tea of our selection is brewed with care by using the recipes given to us by our supplier and tea sommelier, Kiona Malinka.


Fun fact: matcha is the only tea that you drink as a whole. The green tea leaves are crushed to a very fine powder which we dissolve in water and whip with a special bamboo whisk called a ‘chasen’. The result is a bright drink that tastes green and gives a pleasant caffeine buzz.


A Chai Latte is a sweet Indian tea with spices like cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cardamom, black tea and sugar. We make our own chai base which can be combined with any type of milk. Spicy, warm and comforting with a little sweetness to get you through the day. 

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a curious newcomer, we invite you to savour the richness and complexity that defines our coffee culture. Join us in EAST for a delightful coffee rendezvous.


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