Meet Bas and Thomas, two peas in a pod. When the call for CASA couples for the Valentine’s Day special came up, they were quick to jump on board. Although they’re not a couple, they like to call themselves Best Bro’s. They knew each other before they moved into CASA because they met at the University of Amsterdam, and they jokingly refer to it as ‘love at first sight’.

How did you guys meet?

We first crossed paths during our pre-master studies, and now we’re tackling our master’s degrees together,” they explain. “Living together in CASA has definitely made collaborating on projects much smoother,” they share with a laugh. Bas had been on the CASA housing waiting list for some time, while Thomas gained priority access due to his position on the hotel’s banqueting team. “Being student-employee certainly has its perks in CASA.” smiles Thomas.

Bas en Thomas Hoteldebotel Valentine

Living together in CASA probably leads to some fun stories?

Bas: “Yes, once we both grew mustaches during Movember. Movember is an annual event to raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s health in general.”

Thomas: “Yeah, that was the same month I moved into CASA, so we hosted a party at the hotel to coincide with the Movember fundraiser. The funny thing is, we ended up spending €200 on the party, but only raised €80 for Movember.”




What’s your favorite spot in CASA?

Thomas: “I think it’s actually your room, Bas. Whenever I give someone a tour of CASA, I have to take them to Bas’s room. It’s led to some hilarious situations, from catching Bas in the shower to me knocking on his door at 2 am.”

Bas: “But I always answer the door!” (laughs)

What’s the most fun activity you do as best bros?

Thomas: “Everything is fun with each other.”

Bas: “We’ve even been on double dates twice, which was funny. We once spontaneously went salsa dancing.”

Thomas: “And we also go to the gym on Wibautstraat together every day.”

What’s your ultimate tip for a date?

Bas: “Oh, I’ve got a good one: goat yoga in the Amsterdamse Bos! It’s hilarious. The goats just wander around and sometimes even climb on you. Definitely recommend it.”

Thank you for your time, best bros.

You’re welcome!


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