Introducing Fabián and Eva: a pair of international lovebirds who have settled into the only apartment at Hotel Casa. Their paths crossed two years ago, and from that moment, they knew they were meant to be. Discover their story in the blog.

How did you guys meet?

Eva: “In a building in the same street as CASA! I met him and immediately asked to go for a beer. We eventually drank it in his room.” (laughs)

Fabián: “Yes haha, and then we found out we’re studying the same study.”

Eva: “The rest is history, and now we’re living in the CASA apartment in the same street as where we met.”


We see so many different travel-related items here; do you travel often?

Eva: “My parents are Spanish and French, and to make it more difficult, we’ve lived in many different countries” (laughs)

Fabián: “I’m originally from Costa Rica. When I moved out of the country, my grandmother gave me the biggest flag she could find. Together with my I LOVE COSTA RICA mug, I’m walking propaganda for Costa Rica ” (laughs)

Eva: “At the moment, we’re looking forward to maybe move to Barcelona, where I’m originally from. I’m trying to get into musical theatre at the Institute of the Arts in Barcelona. I’m doing auditions now but they are very strict, so let’s hope!”

Fabián: I want to do a masters in Political Sustainability. Barcelona is such a cool city to live in, we’re looking forward to it!


What’s your ultimate tip for a date in the city?

Eva: “For Christmas, Fabián got me tickets for Bar Rouge. It’s a Parisian, cabaret type of place with a dark and red setting. It was absolutely amazing to be there. It’s a bit expensive, but the food is insane and it’s honestly one of the best dates we’ve had”

Fabián: “It’s really amazing, but I would say having a date in a park like Oosterpark during summer is a great dating tip as well.”

Eva: “Parks are such a good tip actually, it’s so nice when the sun is out! Unfortunately that’s only 2 months a year.” (laughs)


Thank you for all the tips and your time!

Fabián& Eva: “You’re welcome!”


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