20 questions with Lensvelt

We could of course have selected our new furniture from the currently trendy furniture brands, but luckily the gentlemen from i29 had something else in store for us. They suggested from the beginning of the project to collaborate with Hans Lensvelt, from Lensvelt Furniture Design. In this part of the miniseries ’20 questions with’, Hans shares his view on furniture design and talks about his favorite parts of the design for Hotel Casa.

Who is Hans Lensvelt?

As founder and owner of Lensvelt Furniture Design, Hans is the driving force behind the design and production of sustainable furniture for both office design and personal setting. In his own words, Hans is not a ‘creator’, but all the more an entrepreneur. His team of creative professionals knows how to seamlessly translate his vision of interior design into timelessly designed design furniture. Lensvelt likes to work with designers who, like himself, like to ignore the status quo in their designs. This is certainly reflected in the portfolio with quirky projects by the furniture designer.

What did Lensvelt do for Casa?

Lensvelt regularly works with a wealth of special designers and also with Jaspar and Jeroen from i29. Lensvelt’s designs define themselves as sober, functional, logical and timeless, which is why i29 saw the opportunity to strongly answer Casa’s design question.

We would like to give you a selection of the designs that Lensvelt has designed especially for Casa, so that the hotel guest will never encounter them anywhere else.

What immediately catches the eye upon entering is the iconic desk lamp. Try to imagine a desk lamp in its most simplistic form, pour a bright yellow, blue or green over it and you have the design that Lensvelt made for Casa. Timeless, stylish and functional for both a hotel guest who still wants to get some work done, but also for the student resident.

In the ’20 questions with i29′ we briefly mention the wooden wall with the handy shelf system. The Lensvelt designers came up with the special solution of a thin, but sturdy steel wall plaque that can be hooked into the wall with one smooth movement. There is no visible sign of the suspension system, which gives this design a very clear and simple appearance, and in the meantime it is very easy to use for all target groups of the hotel.

Finally, we would like to mention the night lights, which really give the room a design twist. The special design playfully combines shapes and types of materials. The matt rose-colored steel, which is incorporated in the lights, gives a warm but also luxurious look. And okay then, last but not least, we would like to reflect on how proud we are of the Casa version of the FELIX Chair, from Lensvelt’s repertoire. Made for Casa in a high-quality ocher yellow and salmon pink fabric (chosen in collaboration with Mae Engelgeer, about whom we will be happy to tell you more about it later) and fits perfectly at the fine desk!

Do you want to see more of Lensvelt’s beautiful work? Feel free to take a look at our gallery or just book a night at Hotel Casa! Use code ‘FRIENDS’ for a €10 discount on your reservation!

Tomorrow you will find in this place; ’20 questions with Studio Mae Engelgeer’, the textile designer behind the beautiful textile prints in our room design! Stay tuned!



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