You are maximum 23 years old by the time you register, you have a valid proof of enrollment from an Amsterdam university, HBO or MBO institution and are doing a full-time degree programme. And of course, you are ready to actively be part of the Casa student community!

How long can I live in Casa?

After you have accepted your room you can live in Casa for a maximum of 2 years. This way we are able to give other students also a change to a student life in Casa.

After you have accepted your room, you can live in Casa for a maximum of 2 “Casa” years (2 times 8 months between October and May). This way, we are able to give other students a chance to live the Casa experience.

Yes there is. The expected waiting time is approximately 1,5 up to 2 years. 

We will tell you. Take a quick look below.

Regular room            € 495

Midweek room          € 370
Deposit                      € 600 
Registration fee         € 30 

At Casa, we are quite flexible. There is only a 1-month notice period (counting from the last day of the month). For example: when canceling your contract at Casa on the 29th of January, you’ll only have to pay one more month (February), but if you cancel on the 1st of February, you will have to pay the full amount for February and March. If you leave Casa for e.g. an internship abroad, unfortunately you will not be able to return. You can register to be placed on the waiting list if you have not yet lived at Casa for the maximum of 2 years.

Register as soon as you know you’ll be studying in Amsterdam, as we do have an average of 1,5 to 2 year waiting period. So if you want to come live at Casa immediately when you start school, we recommend registering long before obtaining your high school diploma. Do keep in mind that you will be allowed to live at Casa for a maximum of 2 years, starting from the day you arrive.

As long as you are 18 or older when signing your contract, you are of course allowed to register before that age.

Unfortunately, no. Our policy is based on ‘first come, first served’. The sooner you register, the better.

We know: our beds are big enough for two. Nevertheless, it is not permitted to share a room with two or more people. Obviously, guests are more than welcome to stay the night.

For sure! In fact, if you don’t, you will risk having to pay tourist tax. Better save that money for something more enjoyable than taxes and register on time via the official city hall website.

No can do. A requirement for housing allowance is having a private kitchen. At Casa we prefer dining together, and therefore do not offer any rooms with a private kitchen.

What kind of host would we be, if we didn’t offer you a place to store your bike in one of the best bicycle cities in the world? Casa has a locked area in the parking garage where your bike will always be safe and dry. You are also free to park it across the street at your own risk!

Our beloved Front Office handles all your mail and/or packages. Near the student entrance, you’ll find a mailbox that you’ll be sharing with the students from your floor. Present your ID at the Front Office to pick up any packages that have arrived for you.

That’s a bummer! First, contact your bank. It might be an authorisation problem, or you might have reached a certain limit. If any problems come up after that, send us an e-mail (students@hotelcasa.nl). Together we’ll find a solution for sure.

Ta-da! Here’s our Technical Team! If anything is broken, you can use our handy app to let us know. Explain your problem and our team will come and fix it ASAP!

No can do. Smoking is not only bad for your health, it is also a nuisance to your neighbours. Every room is fitted with a fire alarm and it wouldn’t be the first time that a secret smoker sets the alarm off and the whole hotel has to be evacuated. You don’t want that on your conscience. If we do see that anyone has been smoking in your room, a fine will be charged.

Of course. Wi-Fi is a primary necessity for a student to survive. It’s free and no password is needed!

We accept payments through iDeal, SofortBank, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express and bank transfer.

Casa is your house as much as it is ours. So feel free! You are more than welcome to use our public areas. Your room key also gives you a nice 20% discount at EAST and a discount in our parking garage.

Hell yeah! The Community Builders regularly plan events for students. This could be laid-back drinks or a workshop where you can discover a new hobby! Students living at Casa also organize a party every month in the student lounge. If you have any event ideas, feel free to share it with the Community Builders, you might become the next Casa legend!

Show us your talent and we’ll find a way to support you! For this, you can also always contact the Casa Community Builder. After all, Casa is all about students and we could NOT support the young entrepreneurs among them!

For sure! We often have internships and job openings at Casa! How great would it be to be at your job or internship within a minute? Have a look at our job page to find out if there are any job openings or internships that you’d be interested in!

Yes, you are more than welcome. If you already live at Casa and you want to go abroad for an internship, you will have to register for the waiting list again when you return. Of course, this only applies if you want to come back!