20 questions with Mae Engelgeer

What is a hotel room without the most beautiful curtains, the finest pillows and the softest carpet? Precisely; nothing! In this video from the ’20 questions with’ series, we ask Mae everything about all of her favourites and her contribution to the design of our rooms.

Who is Mae?

Mae was already attached to beautiful textile designs at a young age. After her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Sandberg Institute, she opened her own studio in 2013. Her contemporary work is full of beautiful pastel colours, special patterns and is recognizable by the linear elements. By combining modern forms of production with more old-fashioned techniques, Mae manages to leave her unique mark on creative collaborations, but also on her personal collection of rugs, table linen, wall hangings and much more.

What did she do for Casa?

Mae Engelgeer knew exactly what the new Casa rooms needed to create a nice home feeling for both the student and the hotel guest. Where i29 focused on the overall design, Mae delivered her share with beautiful textile designs. For example, the net curtains that are present in many hotels can sometimes have a somewhat old-fashioned character. Mae gave this a very quirky twist by adding a colour gradient to the curtains; the net curtains are white at the top, soft salmon pink at the bottom. She also devised a pattern for the curtains, which was reflected in the colour of the desk and the desk lamp. In our premium rooms, which offer a beautiful view over Amsterdam as standard, Mae made a nice addition in the form of warm-coloured roller cushions that give the bed an extra finishing touch. Despite the large amount of colours in the room, it is still a whole and feels homely and warm.

The long hallways connecting to the hotel rooms were a challenge. The big question was; how do we connect the hallways to the pleasant design that our guests find in the hotel rooms. Mae was able to achieve this by using different types of floor covering, again with a beautiful colour gradient and here and the bright coloured finishing touches.

After the renovation of our lobby and restaurant in 2019, the style in the hotel rooms and the common areas differed slightly. Now we can proudly say that our guest can immerse themselves in a warm, colourful, functional and homely total!

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