Meet Boris, who has been working at Hotel Casa for almost 5 years now. He initially joined CASA as an intern during his Hospitality studies and is currently working as Supervisor Meeting and Operations where he meets the needs of the corporate clients. Having worked in every operational department, he has an unparalleled understanding of how the hotel operates. Let’s get Away from the Ordinary with Boris!

Let’s start with a fun dilemma: Each day, either all the small meeting rooms are booked or there are 350 guests in the largest meeting room every day?

Boris: “I would immediately opt for handling 350 guests every day in the largest meeting room. While this number may seem like a lot, it’s actually way more efficient to have just one point of contact to manage all the requests for the day. When all the meeting rooms are occupied, it means walking around more, dealing with multiple contacts, and accommodating 14 different preferences. So, even though handling 350 guests might seem like hard work, it’s definitely my preferred choice.”


What do you find important in society that CASA has been involved in?

Boris: “I instantly think about how CASA offers affordable student housing from October to the end May. As a young person myself, I can imagine the excitement of living here during university years. In today’s challenging housing market, having a warm and affordable space for 360 students in Amsterdam is reassuring. CASA’s variety of activities, from dance classes to kickboxing, makes it a vibrant and lively place. The students moved out on May 31st for the high season, but those working in the hotel will be living in the hotel all summer.”


How does CASA feel when you walk into the lobby through the revolving doors?

“I usually come in through the back,” Boris laughs. “CASA, for me, embodies a stylish and colourful vibe. I think it’s even better when I mention how guests describe Hotel Casa, as they often do so spontaneously. They immediately look up with a ‘wow’ feeling and compliment us on how bright the hotel feels.”

What’s your favorite spot in the hotel?

Boris: “Since I’m always in the meeting rooms, I would say the first floor. This is where we get to host groups from all different backgrounds everyday. On top of that, the mezzanine is on the first floor as well, and it’s great to see the vibrancy of people working or studying in this place.”

First Floor Hotel Casa


How does your job contribute to guests having a unique experience at Hotel Casa?

Boris: “The MEOPS team (Meetings & Event Operations), and I strive every day to ensure our corporate guests leave with a smile. With such a beautiful venue and the opportunity to host such wonderful groups, our hospitality truly adds the final touch. I’m always willing to go the extra mile for our guests.”


Thank you for your time, Boris!

Boris: “With pleasure!”


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