20 questions with I29

Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen are the founders of architectural firm i29. In the video series ’20 questions with’, the gentlemen answer questions about themselves and the design they made for the renovation of our 518 rooms and hallways.

Who are those men?

The enthusiastic team of i29 has already won a nice number of awards for their designs in interior and architecture projects. They stand out by keeping it simple and find it important that their designs are clear, effective and surprising. That is exactly why Hotel Casa chose them in the development of a new design for the hotel rooms and hallways.

What did they do for Casa?

Hotel Casa had a special challenge for the gentlemen of i29; design a room that offers a home for the traveling hotel guest and for the living student. The dual function that Casa has required smart solutions and functional design. Jeroen and Jaspar passed this with flying colors. Think about it; a nice seat in the windowsill for the hotel guest to relax after a long day of strolling through the city and for the student to completely bury themselves under his or her study books. Another clever piece of design is the bed with built-in storage drawers; invisible to the hotel guest, but extremely handy for all kinds of loose items that the resident student takes with him.

In any case, the room adapts very easily to the wishes of the resident student. For example, the hanging bedside table and headboard are interchangeable on the wall rail (which also offers space for the student’s personal photo frames and decoration), so that the student can choose to place his bed in the corner of the room and thus create more walking space. . The desk is purposefully not attached to the wall, so that it can also serve as a dining table with an extra chair.

In addition, the men opted for a timeless design that still feels very modern and fresh. A wooden wall running the full length of the room really gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Nice detail; there are slots in the wall with movable wall shelves. With this, the student himself determines where in the wall the shelves come out best! And the attentive viewer will recognize the iconic pattern of the Casa striped grid in the wall.

In short; a design that adapts to the user and that is exactly what Casa was looking for!

Curious about what those rooms look like? Take a look at our gallery!

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Would you like to know more about the work of Jaspar and Jeroen? Then take a look at their beautiful portfolio!   

Tomorrow you will find ’20 questions with Hans Lensvelt’ on our blog, and you can read and hear everything behind the furniture design in the Casa rooms. See you then!


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