Let’s get to know Chef Christopher Ireland, the creative force shaping the vibrant culinary narrative at Hotel Casa’s Restaurant EAST. Christopher’s journey unfolds from childhood memories in his grandmother’s kitchen to the dynamic and youthful ambiance of CASA. Read along to discover his story.

Here’s a fun dilemma: You need to forever work in a small kitchen with only four square metres or you can never cook with meat again?

Chef Chris: “That’s an easy one, I would never cook with meat again. I’m dedicated to curating dishes at Casa that prioritize natural flavors and storytelling. My focus lies in showcasing a diverse array of tastes rather than solely highlighting meat or fish. When I’m at home cooking, my absolute favourite meals tend to be vegetarian. They offer an incredible spectrum of flavours.”

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What initially drew you to the culinary world, and how did your journey lead you to Hotel Casa?

Chef Chris: “Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s kitchen, absorbing flavors from my grandparent’s travels to Russia and India, which shaped my culinary passion. Despite my parents’ academic aspirations, I knew I wanted to be a chef. I took a detour through university studying finance and data engineering but found my true calling while working in hospitality.

Starting as a bar worker, I transitioned to the kitchen and rapidly climbed the ranks, becoming a head chef by my mid-20s. I traveled across the UK, even ventured to Pakistan for a food festival, expanding my culinary horizons.

My career mainly revolved around corporate hotel chains until Casa came along. Casa stood out with its focus on sustainability and creativity, a departure from the corporate scene. Hotel Casa radiated positivity and the energy of the young team motivated me to become chef of the hotel.”

Chef Chris Hotel Casa Interview (1)


How did Hotel Casa feel to you when you first entered the hotel?

Chef Chris: “It felt incredibly vibrant and youthful. The design—open, colourful, and clean—makes me proud to showcase where I work. What strikes me most is the seamless flow from reception to the coffee corner and into the bar. Unlike traditional layouts, Casa’s unified lobby space creates an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels part of the same energetic environment from the moment they arrive.”


How would you describe the overall dining experience guests can expect at Restaurant EAST from the kitchen’s perspective?

Chef Chris: “At EAST, dining is about storytelling through dishes rather than spotlighting specific ingredients. We’ve chosen the Mediterranean theme because it embodies vibrancy, energy, and a healthy, youthful ambiance—just like Casa itself. We focus on shared dining, inspired by memories of family gatherings and celebrations. The menu offers a taste journey that connects people through diverse Mediterranean flavors. You don’t need to pick one dish hoping to win the lottery, you can have it all.


Boozy Brunch Hotel Casa Restaurant East Amsterdam


How do you encourage creativity and innovation within your kitchen team? Also, how do you generate new ideas yourself in the kitchen?

Chef Chris: “I strongly believe in avoiding a dictatorial approach. Just because I’ve been cooking a certain way for the past thirty years doesn’t mean newcomers should follow suit. I value diverse experiences in my kitchen team. We engage in discussions about potential dishes, trying them out in various ways until we collectively agree on the best approach.”


Are there any upcoming events or menu changes that guests can look forward to?

Chef Chris: “2023 and 2024 are expected to be significant years for the restaurant. While the foundational work is in place, there’s still a journey ahead. We plan to introduce more seasonal menu cards, and concepts like Happy Oyster Hour and themed party nights have shown to been successful. We are exploring collaborations and enhancing our cocktail offerings, so there’s a lot to look forward to.”


Thank you, we’re absolutely looking forward to it! 


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