Hotel Casa plants trees!

Trees? But you are a hotel right?  
That’s right! And since this week we join forces with Hotels for Trees and we are more than proud of that! Why? We will tell you all about it, here.  

The Hotels for Trees Foundation is committed to making hotels in Europe more sustainable. As a participating hotel, we ask our hotel guests who stay longer than 1 night to consider skipping the intermediate room cleaning. Skipping a room cleaning saves a lot of money. Great to increase the hotel’s margins, but even better to invest these cost savings in making the earth more sustainable. That is why, starting this week, we will donate a fixed  amount to Hotels for Trees for every cleaning that has not been carried out. And what do they do with it? Plant trees! In the Netherlands, but also in other places in the world that could would benefit of extra trees. In this way, together with our hotel guests, we contribute to a better world.  

Future plans  

Hotels for Trees was founded in May 2021 and they are not sitting still. Their objective to have as many as possible hotels in Europe operating more sustainably,translates into an impressing growth ambition;; from 2025 the foundation, together with its partners, wants to plant at least 1 million trees a year. For hotels, hotel guests and anyone who wants to can keep a close eye on the progress of that ambition; on the Hotels for Trees website you can see exactly how many trees the foundation has already planted together with its partners. So transparent!  


How it works  

Step 1: Book a stay at Hotel Casa for several nights.  

Step 2: Waking up feeling refreshed and do you think your bedding can last another night? Then don’t forget to hang the special Hotels for Trees door hanger on the outside of your room door to skip the intermediate cleaning.  

Step 3: Enjoy your day! Our housekeeping colleague will skip your room and include your choice in the report to Hotels for Trees.  

Step 4: Check the foundation’s website the next day to see how much impact you have made with your conscious choice!  

We are in! You too?  

Hotel Casa believes it is important to contribute to making the planet more sustainable. Moreover, we want nothing more than to reduce our ecological footprint a lot. With this great initiative, we are helping to combat deforestation and we hope to inspire our hotel guests to also make environmentally conscious choices. Are you coming to stay with us for several days soon? Do your bit and choose to skip cleaning your room at least once. Hotel Casa and the world are grateful to you! 



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