Humans of Casa - Damian

A hotel is a place an unique mix of people come together. We are very excited to share the stories that guests, colleagues and students bring with them.
This edition we share the story of our front office employee Damian! Damian is an enthusiastic 21-year old boy who grew up in a family with 7 brothers and sisters. 
Cocktail bar

Even though he likes his front office job, in the future Damian wants to open up his own cocktail bar! He can already imagine what the bar will look like; lounge areas and the theme of black and purple colours. To Damian cocktails aren’t just drinks, but almost like art.


Secret recipe

Pssst… This is a little secret between you and me, but Damian shared his secret recipe for the perfect cocktail: a Pina Colada, but using lychee juice instead of coconut water and put some strawberries in it!





The best place to drink cocktails? No place rather than everywhere in Europe of course! Damian has been travelling the past years through almost the whole continent. Everywhere he goes, he buys a keychain for his collection! 



Secret ingredient for a happy life

Damian is famous for his bright smile and I asked him some advice for the people who want to get the best out of life. Here’s a tip from Damian for you: ‘If you are angry or sad, try to spend 15 minutes of the day on those emotions. In this way you are processing them consciously. After these 15 minutes you are ready for the rest of the day without having any troubles on your mind!’ 


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