Humans of Casa - Hans

A hotel is a place an unique mix of people come together. We are very excited to share the stories that guests, colleagues and students bring with them.
This edition we share the story of our general manager Hans.
Casa is an ‘old lady’ but is definitely keeping Hans young! Unfortunately, our general manager is leaving us this year. There’s no doubt he’s going to miss all the employees and students of Casa. In this ‘Humans of Casa’ Hans will share inspiring tips for a positive way of living. 
Foto Hans
What will Hans miss the most?

Casa is 62 years old but is definitely keeping Hans young! The motto of Casa is ‘forever young’ and this is exactly what effect Casa has on Hans. Hans is going to miss being surround by young people the most. Also, he will miss the variety his job brings in life. This busy job never has the same routine. However, even Hans can have a bad day too, boring emails in his mailbox or a slightly bad mood. After his travels with his husband Anton in 2020 he would like to maintain his huge network in Amsterdam and surroundings.

Life motto

After all the years Hans has worked in multiple hotels, you could say he has truly mastered his hospitality skills. His number one life motto is; ‘You should approach everyone you work with a positive attitude. Every person has its own leaflet and instructions you should take care of.’

Hans is a caring and sensitive person with a lot empathy and true emotions. Which, we think, makes him the amazing person as he is.


Favourite spot at Casa

We also asked Hans about his favourite spot at Casa, after all this time at Casa he’s the one who probably knows the best spots.

Hans has not one, but three favourite spots at the hotel! First comes the employee canteen, which is one of his favourites, because of all gossip, tinder date-stories of colleagues and all ins- and outs!

For a good conversation Hans loves to sit around the coffee corner.

Last but certainty not least, Hans loves HOPP during warm, cosy summer nights, accompanied with a beer or two!


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