Amsterdam is renowned for its vibrant and inclusive culture, and its queer cafes are essential community hubs. These cafes are more than just places to enjoy a drink; they are safe spaces for expression and unity. In this blog, we’ll explore seven iconic queer cafes in Amsterdam, each with its own unique contribution to the LGBTQIAP+ community. Discover the significance behind these cherished venues and click the link below for the Google Maps tour starting at Hotel Casa in East Amsterdam.



Café ’t Mandje, established in 1927 by the legendary Bet van Beeren, is a historic symbol in Amsterdam’s LGBTQ+ history. Bet, openly lesbian, created a safe haven for the gay community, allowing patrons to be themselves among sailors, sex workers, locals, artists, and intellectuals. Known as the “Queen of Zeedijk,” Bet’s bar became a symbol of tolerance. After being closed for 25 years, ’t Mandje reopened in 2008, restoring its original interior complete with ties on the beams, photos on the walls, a jukebox, and a billiard table. Even after being forced to sell the café during the pandemic in 2020, this living piece of history lives on to this day in the heart of Amsterdam.


Albert Cuypstraat 124


Nestled in De Pijp, Bar Buka is more than just a lesbian bar – it’s a welcoming space for all. With no strict dress code or door policy, it fosters an inclusive atmosphere where people can truly be themselves. Beyond being a social hub, Bar Buka also serves as an art gallery, showcasing the talents of women from the LGBTQIAP+ community and beyond. The bar is a celebration of identity, creativity, and community. 


Jacob van Lennepstraat 86H


Bar Pamela is a place seen as a friend, a community, and a home. Since 2020, it’s been a cherished corner of Amsterdam for the queer and BIPOC community. Located in West Amsterdam, Pamela is a multifaceted performer, serving as a bar, restaurant, and communal clubhouse. Every detail reflects a commitment to love and inclusivity. To be part of Pamela’s world is to be part of something truly special.  


Bilderdijkstraat 186


Bar Bario is an inclusive pub in Amsterdam, created by and for the community. It offers delicious drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, and a creative hub for events and exhibitions. The bar serves as a ‘Stamkroeg’, but make it sexy: Bar Bario is centered around great drinks and even better energy. The perfect place to hang out with friends, go on a date, or meet new people. Prioritizing Queer, Trans, and BIPOC communities, Bar Bario is dedicated to being a safer space where everyone feels valued.  


Bilderdijkstraat 165-E


De Trut is a volunteer-run queer disco in Amsterdam, operating for 38 years already. The venue donates all profits to LGBTQIAP+ projects worldwide. Founded in 1981 in the Tetterode complex and officially established in 1985, De Trut emerged from the squatters’ disco Flux. To this day, the place continues to serve as a non-commercial, safe space for the LGBTQIAP+ community. De Trut is only open on Sundays and has a strict queer-only policy.  


Elandsstraat 119-HS


Café Saarein, a historic queer bar in Amsterdam’s Jordaan, faces an uncertain future as owner Dia Roozemond retires after 25 years. Bartenders Talisa Harjono and Sterre Marijn Krot, with activist Sebastian Kersten, plan to save Saarein by transforming it into a community-run foundation. Established in 1978 by a women’s collective, Saarein has been a feminist and queer haven for decades. Now, a crowdfunding campaign aims to preserve this iconic space for future generations. Click here to contribute to the crowdfunding, and go support Café Saarein by having a great drink. 


Spuistraat 109


PRIK, a trendy cocktail bar located on Spuistraat, just a stone’s throw from Dam Square, has been serving Amsterdam since July 2006. Renowned for its colorful drinks, delicious snacks, and lively music, PRIK has won numerous awards including “Most Popular Gay Bar of the Netherlands,” the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Bar, and “Best Gay Venue of Amsterdam” twice by Time Out Magazine. The bar boasts a super relaxed and friendly atmosphere, attracting a diverse crowd of locals, expats, and visitors of all ages. 

Exploring Amsterdam’s queer cafes provides a unique insight into the city’s LGBTQIAP+ culture and history. From the historic Café ’t Mandje to the lively PRIK, each venue celebrates inclusivity and community. These cafes are more than just places to enjoy a drink—they are integral parts of Amsterdam’s heart and soul. Be sure to experience these vibrant spaces and their rich stories. Cheers to embracing the best of Amsterdam’s queer scene!


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