The Bootcamp

Roland Laurens, Accounting executive and Bootcamp instructor at Casa – Works at CASA since 2015.

How did you turn/end up at Casa?

‘Well, that’s quite funny actually. Due to baseball, I started to look for an internship in the western part of the country. I lived in Enschede and therefore needed to travel four times a week for training and competitions. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an appropriate internship for September 2014 until February 2015, so at that time I decided to start my minor. I got to know Marco Strijks who was my minor mentor. After I finished my minor he asked me whether I found an internship already, otherwise he was willing to help. His first call went to Hans Vugts, the General Manager of Hotel Casa Amsterdam. Subsequently, Mr. Vugts asked me to e-mail my CV to Jeroen Diepeveen, the assistant and CFO of Casa. On the 14th of January, I first entered the Casa building. Wow, I felt home immediately! Luckily, Jeroen called me a few days later to announce that I could start from February (2015) onwards…’

How do you experience Casa?

‘I truly experience Casa as a young company giving you lots of space to develop and grow. Casa has, like most companies, a lot of processes and procedures. The difference is that at Casa the people aren’t afraid to adjust them. They are open for new ideas to improve efficiency. Besides, Casa is more than just a company. Events are being organized for students as well as for guests. In return, we receive useful feedback that improves our development as a company as well.’

Why couldn’t Casa live without you?

‘I believe everyone is replaceable, so actually I cannot answer this right away. But if I had to pick something, I think it would be because of my Casa boot camp training. Not sure how, but I manage to convince colleagues to join and make them sweat as hell every now and then. That’s Casa too.’

What is your best memory of Casa up to now?

‘That’s the second Casa boot camp. For a lot of people probably one of their worst memories, because they couldn’t walk for days. But to me, it was successful since I convinced approximately 10 colleagues to join the boot camp. Mission accomplished… Another great memory was Sanne’s goodbye party. Afterward, 7 colleagues turned up at my baseball game in Haarlem. Best supporters out there!’


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