Wonder Women

Today it’s International Women’s Day! A special, but also important day that we believe should be celebrated. The theme of this year is female heroes. A perfect opportunity to shine a light on a couple of badass leading female heroes working here at Casa.


We have asked these women who their heroes are and how they experience working at Casa being a woman. Curious what they said? Read and find out!

​Judith – Front Office Manager​

‘Michelle Obama is a super woman in my opinion. It’s quite a task to be the first lady of the president of the United States. However she really managed to be more than that. She presented herself as such an independent woman with a strong personality. I’m really curious about her new book ‘Becoming’. The book inspires people to find out who they’re and what they want to be.’ ‘Here at Casa the balance between men and women in managing functions is in my opinion equally divided. I’m very happy I don’t experience any discrimination at work.’


​Marit – Marketing Manager

‘My superhero… Is it a bit cliche if I say my mom? She can be really emotional when she watches a sad movie or sees a helpless stray dog, but whenever things are happening in our family she’s definitely the strongest of us all. If my dad, my brother or I go through difficult stuff she’s the one keeping it together. A couple of years ago my father went through a tough depression. My mom stayed by his side and with her strong personality she supported him along the way. My mom is a really strong woman.’ ‘I’m very lucky to work here At Casa as I don’t really experience any disadvantages of being a woman here. That’s great!’


​Bernadine – Training and Service Development Manager

‘My female superheroes are both my grandmothers! They were great entrepreneurs in a hospitality company and both made something out of nothing. My grandmothers were a great support for their families, but they also definitely had their own life and interests.’ ‘When I look at myself being a woman in todays world I must say I’m very happy to be one! I’m proud to be a mother of two lovely kids, be married with a great husband and to have job that I love. As a women it is proven you have more empathic ability, something I see as really valuable both at work as in my private life’.


​Janick – Booking Office and Revenue Manager

‘My personal superhero is my mom! In my eyes she’s an inspiring and most of all really strong lady. The way she handles tough situations and knows how to get out it much stronger is admiring.’

‘At Casa I never experience differences between men and women. There’s no real hierarchy, everyone is equal no matter ones function or gender.’

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!


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