Amsterdam is caught up in the croissant craze, turning this French pastry into a Dutch favourite. The pursuit of the perfect croissant has become a sport for many people living in the city. Curious where to find the finest ones? Our Marketing Manager Michelle went above and beyond to find the best places. Discover her croissant ratings in this blog: 10 spots for Amsterdam’s most beloved croissants.

FORT 9 - ★★★★★

The crown jewel of Amsterdam's croissants

Fort 9 Best Croissants Amsterdam List

📍 Jan Evertsenstraat 31, 1057 BM Amsterdam

On weekends, a brief wait at the Fort 9 threshold is a small price for the treats that await you. Once inside, everything unfolds right before your eyes, from oven to display. The smells and friendly service make it nearly impossible to stick to just one bakery delight. Our standout choice? The cheese croissant – a lively twist with a hint of spice, claiming the title of the ultimate favorite!


Pure craftmanship at Ulmus

Ulmus Bakkerij croissants Amsterdam List

📍 Cabralstraat 7, 1057 CD Amsterdam

Right around the corner from Fort 9, you’ll find another hidden gem with fantastic bread, great coffee, and of course, amazing croissants – all without the long queues. Craftsmanship is key at Ulmus Bakerij, using local products sourced exclusively from millers who can trace the origins of the grains. On sunny days, you can comfortably settle on the bakery’s picnic bench. For less favorable weather, there are cozy spots indoors. Bonus: your order is served on exquisite tableware.


Croissants in an interior full of French charm

Best Croissants Amsterdam Gebroeders Niemeijer

📍Nieuwendijk 35, 1012 MA Amsterdam

Niemeijer shines not just for its exceptional croissants but also for its cozy seating spots. This bakery is housed in a historic Amsterdam building where you can sit indoors to savour the full experience. With charming views of baguettes, flour sacks, and delightful baked goods, you’ll feel transported far from the bustling heart of central Amsterdam, where this gem is tucked away. Treat yourself to a petit déjeuner with -of course- the cutest little Niemeijer croissant.

SAINT JEAN - ★★★★★

Amsterdam's vegan cheese croissant champion

SAINT JEAN croissants Amsterdam List Hotel Casa

📍Lindengracht 158h, 1015 KK Amsterdam

This fancy bakery name holds a lot of promise, and the long queue on weekends adds weight to that promise. But mark our words; once you have a croissant in your hands, you’ve long forgotten about that queue. Saint-Jean is highly aesthetic with a minimalist interior, an inviting mirror by the door, and a showcase full of temptations. And guess what? Everything at Saint-Jean is vegan-proof. Can you taste that it’s vegan? No! Well done, Saint-Jean.

Craving a little something extra? Visit Saint-Jean’s Deli shop across the street and grab yourself a spot.

MARGO'S - ★★★☆☆

Flaky and fully vegan

Best Croissants Margo's Amsterdam Hotel Casa

📍 Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 2A, 1015 RV Amsterdam

A great destination in Amsterdam for vegan pastries and treats is located in the Jordaan. Since 2021, Margo has been running Margo’s, offering a menu filled with 100% vegan delights. Treat yourself to not only a vegan chocolate, cheese, or ‘ham and cheese’ croissant but also enjoy a good coffee or matcha. It’s the ultimate treat to stroll through this charming neighborhood in Amsterdam.


City centre croissant charm in 'De 9 straatjes'

Bakkerij Wolf Amsterdam Croissant List Hotel Casa

📍 Wolvenstraat 22, 1016 EP Amsterdam

Enjoying a croissant in a chic ambiance? Bakery Wolf is beautiful in beige tones and equipped with plenty of cozy spots. Grab your croissant to go here to flaunt in the 9 streets or take a seat and order one with butter and jam. Absolutely delicious and very Instagram-worthy.

GRAMMES - ★★★★☆

Perfect on-the-go croissant

Grammes croissants Amsterdam List Hotel Casa

📍Maasstraat 16, 1078 HJ Amsterdam

Grammes gets it right; light and layered define the beautiful croissants from this bakery. Chef Maxime grew up in France, and you can taste the authenticity. It’s a perfect spot for a quick croissant on the go. Enjoy it on the bench outside the shop in good weather.

LE FOURNIL - ★★★★☆

A croissant as it's meant to be

Le fournil croissants Amsterdam List Hotel Casa

📍Olympiaplein 119, 1077 CW Amsterdam

Oui Oui! Warm up your French heart. At Le Fournil, you taste a croissant as it’s meant to be. Crispy from the outside and buttery inside. This little spot in the South showcases a true craftsmanship in its storefront – the croissants are freshly rolled right before your eyes. There’s often a queue, but good news: by Amsterdam standards, the croissant here is reasonably priced.

BAKHUYS - ★★★☆☆

Where tradition meets taste

Bakhuys croissants Amsterdam List Hotel Casa

📍 Sarphatistraat 61, 1018 EX Amsterdam

Searching for a delightful croissant but in the mood for simplicity? Head over to Bakhuys in East.  Operating since 1926, this place is not only a bakery but also a casual cafe, lunch spot, and flexible workspace. You can unmistakably taste five generations of experience here, with no compromise on flavor. The good news is, they serve breakfast here until a generous 2:00 PM.


From hobby to profession

Kometen Cafe Amsterdam Best Croissants Hotel Casa

📍Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 2, 1033 RD Amsterdam

From passion to profession: Kometen Café unfolds an extraordinary journey. Originating as a local bakery, evolving through temporary spaces, it has now blossomed into a remarkable establishment. Nestled at its new home in NDSM, this bakery café not only charms as a delightful lunch spot but also thrives as a dynamic workspace. And those croissants? Très bien! Delighting palates with their perfect crispiness and buttery goodness.

With this blog full of croissant options, you’ll never miss the perfect croissant spot while in Amterdam. Until the next pastry adventure – au revoir!



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